How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

1. Take a stand.

Boring content will always get you zero comments. You should take a stand on your blog. Don’t be afraid to put out content that might shake things up in your industry a bit. Don’t be boring like vanilla. Draw a line in the sand: “Here’s where I stand. This is what I believe.” Then ask readers: “Do you agree?”

The people who agree will be your biggest supporters and most consistent commenters. And when your posts are written tactfully, those who don’t necessarily agree with you will still engage in thoughtful conversation.

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2. Ask your readers a question.

Ask a question maybe once every two weeks and kindly request them to answer in the comment section below. Make sure you make it feel as if they were in the situation by putting them in the sentence.

Important!: Don’t write the question that has anything to do with “you” or about “you.” People love to read questions that they can learn from or benefit from. Think about it. Do you like to listen to others talk all about themselves?… The next time you write a question, make sure you place the reader in it as if they were in the situation.

You’d be amazed how many comments you can get from a post like those. And if they reply once, there’s a much better chance they will keep replying. Some people just need a little nudge to write that first one.

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3. Thank your commenters.

Once you begin getting comments, nurture them. The easiest way to do this is to simply respond to their comments.

If Jack says to Jill, “Great article Jill!” be sure to thank them for their support with a quick response. There’s nothing worse than being ignored and that small token of thanks goes a long way.

It might take you a little while to start gaining momentum. Don’t get frustrated. It takes time to get consistent comments on your blog. But before you know it, your audience will have grown in a blink of an eye.

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101 thoughts on “How to Get More Comments on Your Blog”

  1. As a novice to “blogworld”i am very welcoming of any and all good advice and tips on how to get more exposure, and expand my horizons to bigger (and paying)things.

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question. These are very useful tips.
    I think I’ll be heading over to your Reviews & Feedback page. 😀

  3. Just the right article I need. I just started out and i would like your feedback on how i can improve my blog. It would mean a lot to me thank you!

  4. I just started blogging. I have several questions actually, most of them involve the usual, how do you get more readers and followers. What I really want to ask you though is, where do you find the inspiration and the time to write? You post so much content almost every day and I wish I could do that too.

  5. I started my blogging on blogger and I get to the point where I hang on to installing every plug-ins possible to boost my traffic. And it did, YES but just only traffic not actually readers. I was depressed about these and decided to start over again from scratch with wordpress I believe that the only distinctive about this platform is the community. And I love the community we have here. So much!

    I’m looking for someone to critic my blog or give their thoughts about it. If you wanna share with me seconds of your time, it will mean a world to me if you check it out and give a word.


  6. How do we make our posts more engaging so as to have an actual dialogue going on between the blogger and the readers? I understand this is much easier for say a question and answer post or a political or trending topic . But say you are a fashion blogger starting out how do you get your readers to comment?

  7. I’ve read through the comments and i noticed you saying you are a high schooler with a learning disability.. Wow, I’m impressed. Would you mind guest blogging for me?

  8. I liked your post! I have just started blogging and I’m not sure how to get it notis the or anything…I have only written 1 blog. Loved ur blog xx

  9. Interesting post, asking a question is such a good idea. Great tip and will try and include it in a future post now I think. Like your blog as it’s got so much fascinating blogging information. I’ll definitely be popping back on a regular basis for more tips and suggestions.

  10. Thanks for this. I think I’ll work and advice or opinion question every time I can. Or I’ll ask people to share their own stories about how they ended up using my recommendations.

  11. Honestly, I think part of receiving comments from readers is engaging with them and answering their comments. I recently posted on style for over 60+ and it was a very debatable blog post due to a few factors. I received a TON of comments and answered every single one of them. :

    Trust me, I’m no “professional” blogger, but I do know that engaging is important. It makes your blog more approachable if you engage. Even if you answer a comment that really isn’t favorable–answer in a diplomatic way. The objective is to NOT push readers away and to draw them in. I’m learning. My blog isn’t a large or popular one, but I’m learning.

    And one thing I’ve learned is to engage. I pretty much get good comments so I feel validated by giving my two cents. LOL!

    1. Wonderful reply and thank you for posting your experience. I think it’s wonderful to interact with everyone and it’s so important to have a heart for wanting to help others. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I am a new blogger myself. I try to incorporate a short story, fashion and inspiration in one. I would love to connect with the bloggers here. Hope to hear from anyone here . Follow me and I will will you as well. I would love to stay connected .

  13. I’ve been blogging for two months now, and content doesn’t make any difference (unfortunately… sigh… I know this because I have seen and read so many articles and also conducted a few experiments on my own). However it is no reliable data, so this doesn’t mean we can write gibberish though: “djfhshghsvfhasdvfhhdgfjsfhgdfj” and expect traffic, comments and the sort. However, what you need to do is engage with other bloggers, give valuable and genuine feedback, engage with the ones commenting your own posts.

  14. [ Smiles ] I would like to add a number four to your list; which is, using a commenting platform that is user friendly.

    There are lots of third party commenting platforms out there!

  15. This was really a nice inspiration. Thank you for this post. I am looking forward to getting many more followers and likes so we learn from eachother as I understand we have different strengths. I’m still new in blogging.

  16. This is great advice and I highly recommend this for new bloggers (heck, I’ll try a few of these myself 🙂

    Thank you for these tips!

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