Getting People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts Rather than Like It

Getting People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts Rather than Like It

1. Create Eye Catching Headlines

The first part of being readable is getting your reader’s attention, which starts with the headline. Interestingly, while eight out of 10 people will read your headline, only two out of 10 will read the rest. Your goal from the start is to get people to read that first paragraph, so if they stop at the headline, the rest of your effort is wasted.

Your headline is like your personal appearance — it is the first impression people use to judge what is inside. For this reason, your headline should have some, if not all, of the following elements.

  • Descriptive: Your reader should gain a general understanding about the topic of your content.
  • Curiosity: While you are describing your content to your reader, you never want to give away too much. Provide the reader with just enough information to make them click-through to the first paragraph.
  • Value: What reason do readers have for reading your content? In general, understand that value comes in two ways — making your reader happier or wealthier.
  • Uniqueness: Unusual headlines, like a lady in red in a sea of black suits, stands out. How can you frame your headline in a way that is unique and more interesting?
  • Urgency: Readers are more likely to read your content if it will no longer be relevant tomorrow.

Writing great headlines takes practice, but the effort is worth it! Well written headlines can increase your blog views by as much as 500 percent depending on how well you do!

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2. Use that Persuasive Tone of Voice

Your style of writing has a big influence on your readability. Business blogs are typically very neutral, written in third person and dryer than a thesis paper. When writing professional correspondences, this voice might be appropriate, but if you want to deliver more entertaining, interesting and engaging content, consider getting a little creative and don’t be afraid of inserting yourself into the conversation.

Another important consideration is your audience’s intellectuality. If you want to appeal to a broader audience, remember that people like to read recreationally two grades below their actual reading level, and the average newspaper is written at the 11th grade level. In other words, avoid your inner F. Scott Fitzgerald (If you know who that is, Old Sport’s).

Finding your voice takes time and practice, and it helps greatly to find and follow regularly other writers you respect and enjoy reading.

3. Determine the Length of Your Post

First of all, there are two types: On one hand you have people who enjoy short, quick bursts of information delivered in bullet points and hyperlink, and on the other hand you have advocates who love longer content (usually between 1,500 to 3,000 words.)

Now the fix…? Find balance. Creating long and extensive content on a regular basis can be challenging, and many of your readers may not even want that. Create short pieces that will entertain and add value, but add to your mix longer and more thoughtful content.

4. Use Appealing Visuals

One of the most effective ways to make your content readable is by converting it to a visual format, such as an infographic, slide deck or even a video. Doing so requires that you break your content down to its absolute bare bones, which again, for readers makes it much easier to consume.

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Also, while adding pictures to your content may not necessarily make content more readable, high impact visuals will help you differentiate and make it more noticeable.

See, we told….

(For Beauty, Travel & Food Bloggers)
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92 thoughts on “Getting People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts Rather than Like It”

  1. Cool helpful post. I have a tendency to skim through the photos first and go back and read only if the pics are interesting, so pictures are definitely important.

  2. Thank you for these tips! I just made my first post where I actually took a little bit of time to organize the info and add images throughout. Can you check it out and let me knwo what you think? (5 Mistakes Great Cooks Never Make). I am still trying to find my voice through my writing (I’ve always been a terrible writer) but regardless, I’m enjoying the process.

  3. I think this every struggle of a blog, especially when you are starting out (like me). People tend to like posts instead of reading it. I don’t know if they’re too trusting or just wants you to like their post back :))

  4. It’s actually annoying when the number of views doesn’t change but the number of likes keep on increasing on your post. Basically, nobody’s reading it!

  5. Super good tips 🙂 and whoever is reading this and or commenting on this post it’s now your duty to read my entire blog, like every post, and follow me 😉

    **Hopefully that tone of voice got them ;)**

  6. Good Post! I just started this new blog of mine and I just find myself wanting to get people thoughts and opinions almost every post but unfortunately I keep thinking that I have not quite created material that enoucages comments or maybe I am not too inviting for comments; I am not sure. I will try to keep in my thinking these tips though!

    Have a nice day!

  7. this is a great post, with good tips. but you have some misspellings on point 1: “cataching” instead of “catching” and on point 2: “perssuasive” instead of “persuasive”. 😉

  8. That’s what I am trying to do. I am writing a travel photography blog. I like my photos to compliment my text while the text is framing them.

  9. Great post but to be honest. The post length is a personal choice. I’ve had success with long post as well as to the point post with feedback and likes. On the other hand people today are just placing a copy and paste with titles. It is great to be original and unique. Feel free to check out my blog. I am original.

  10. I like, no seriously I really liked this article. As a new blogger I am trying to find my niche, my audience and my voice but to be sure likes help build the audience.

  11. Having ADHD I find it very hard to remain engaged in anything I read. For me to read a whole blog post is an achievement and I must have enjoyed it!

  12. Thanks for the tips! It’s difficult getting people to read and not just like on my posts. I’m not here for likes, but for training with others about life. I’m really going to try to hone some of these tips.

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