Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

If getting people to follow your blog is something you struggle with every day, then here are some things that I can share with you get mine to grow every day!

1. Write hyper-targeted content.

As much as I don’t want to say this, I have to. Today there are too many bloggers wasting their time writing broad, generic content. Look at our headline we used in this blog post. You’ll know within seconds whether it relates to you. Why? Because it’s targeted content!

Without targeted content, you’re just writing to a mass of random people. Trust me, that’s not going to generate results for you.

Instead, start by crafting audience personas that speak to the specific needs, challenges and pains of your audience. That way, you’ll be in a much better position to write content that attracts the right people to your blog at the right time.

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2. Infuse a bit of flair in your writing.

Don’t be boring. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there’s no reason to create boring content. Adding a bit of fun to your writing will keep people engaged and coming back for more. But most importantly, it’ll make an impression.

Your content will take on a life of its own and people will feel more connected to it. That’s the perfect recipe for creating advocates. After all, no one wants to become an advocate for a faceless brand that lacks personality. Find your voice and share it with the world.

3. Train readers to get involved.

Once you have your targeting and voice down, it’s time to go a bit deeper. Becoming a social advocate doesn’t happen overnight. Before visitors can become advocates, they have to take that first step — or, in this case, make that first share. That’ll only happen if you ask them.

Subliminal messages are a myth. You can’t hint at what you want. If you want people to share your content, ask them. As my mom always says, it never hurts to ask.

4. Develop deeper connections.

Sharing is the first step. Now it’s time to start transforming your visitors into advocates — and you’re going to need a more personal relationship with the reader to make that happen.

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For example, I like to imagine that I’m writing to just one person. If you want to do the same, keep that person in mind as you write the post. This will create a more casual feel, and will naturally include more personal, connection-building pronouns such as you and I.

5. Reward sharing with sincere gratitude.

Once people really start connecting with your blog, the advocates will naturally rise to the top. It’s vitally important that you reward their efforts with sincere forms of gratitude. In fact, sincere gratitude is one of the best things you could ever do for your business.

People have spent time reading your blog post, which is an investment in and of itself. But then, they took that a step further and shared your content with their audience. Don’t ever take that for granted.

A few ways to show gratitude include:

  • Reaching out with a thank you on social media.
  • Offering an exclusive deal via email.
  • Sending them a personalized video response via Twitter.

Whatever you do, make it sincere. Not only will people appreciate the gesture, it’ll make them more willing to advocate on your behalf again and again in the future.

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    1. Very true, content accompanied by great web design (clear and easy to navigate website) adds more flavour. Nowadays there are great easy to use web design tools to enhance your website.

  1. Great tips! I think I need to work on writing hyper targeted content, but it will take many months because I love writing about everything. Lol

    Pearl ||

  2. Thank you for posting this. I always enjoy reading some information that most of us know in our heart, but need to hear it to start thinking about it. This has made me think about new ways to drqaw people to my new blog and ways to keep them in the funnel too.

  3. Great! I use lots of flair hehe jk but my posts can be very long from time to time even though I “never” know what to write lol. I like to write the way I speak 🙂

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