3 Ways to Find Inspiration

3 Ways to Find Inspiration

Shut the computer.

When I need inspiration but my mind won’t play along, I shut the computer or whatever I’m working on and walk away. Then, when I’m doing something totally unrelated — taking a shower, gardening, driving somewhere or lying in bed half asleep — that’s when the light bulb comes on. Happens every time.

 Quit being logical.

Near as I can tell, the part of your brain responsible for creative ideas is not the same as the one responsible for reasoning. Inspiration is not logical, nor is it task-oriented. I believe most people have a much easier time accessing that part of their mind when they’re relaxed, tired, engaged in some mindless task or casually bouncing ideas around with someone in an unusual but safe surrounding.

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 Be alone with yourself.

I’m not an expert on meditation, but I do practice mindfulness as a means to quiet my thinking brain so I can spend quality time with my deeper, more intuitive inner self. I’m still a novice, but I think it’s indispensable for neurotic people who tend to over-think things with voices in their heads, as I’m known to do.

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67 thoughts on “3 Ways to Find Inspiration”

  1. I agree with you! I was amazed at how much work I accomplished when I went without internet for almost 2 months. Plus, I tend to write my best pieces while I’m washing the dishes 😉

  2. I have to agree with number 2 a lot because crazy things are much more interesting. I would much rather read a book on a flying cat than another cute romance 😉

  3. The tip about relaxing to access your creative mind makes so much more sense to me now! I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wondered why I get 90% of my creative ideas when I’m about to drift of to sleep. I keep needing to turn my bedside lamp on just to note down my ideas incase I forget them in the morning!
    Great post!!

  4. HI! Great post!
    I’ve been blogging for about a month.As far as finding topics to write about, I have no problem with that. The problem I’m having a really hard time with is narrowing down my topics.
    I’m wanting to write about EVERYTHING, but I’m afraid that it won’t bring consistent traffic.
    Do you have any tips on how to narrow and/or organize my topics?
    I would love to make money off of it someday, but the most important thing for me is that I continue to enjoy what I write about.
    Any feed back on the look/content of my blog would be great too!

  5. Wow, this is a really good post! Blogging is about being able to create articles that can interest your readers, but at the same time, it’s about find the inspiration for those posts. And I never thought that it would be better to take a break from the computer and just spend time on yourself. Thanks for reminding me about this!

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  7. Ah, simplicity! Yes. Thank you. And I feel the need to say, I didn’t want to like it and almost didn’t read it because of your blog name – Millionaire’s Digest! Yep, apparently I have some preconceived ideas running around in my head and since I am mindfully exploring my relationship to money, here I am. Cheers!

  8. Thanks for that….It’s funny how while I was reading this, I realised how easy these steps are but rarely I am following them.

    If I may add something that really works for me. I stopped using my iPhone for keeping notes. I have an old school notepad and a pencil. I find that my notes on my devices are quite static, while in the notepad every note, mistake, gap and shape play a crucial role in when ends up as my final deliverable.

  9. Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling with even beginning to type the first page of my upcoming book.This has helped a lot. Thank you again.

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  11. Inspiration is all around a person, one has to open their heart in order to see it. But because we keep a closed heart we miss all the opportunities.

  12. I usually start with passion. If it fails I try compassion. If that fails, I try fashion. If fashion fails, I try a humor. If humor fails, I go to the mediocre level- news. If all fails, then, I use the third recommendation- meditation.Meditation never fails.

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