Why the World Doesn’t End with a Break-Up

Why the World Doesn’t End with a Break-Up

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Christin Götz

Founder & Owner of: MeaTisch

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Food & Drink and Healthy Living Writer

You once fell in love with each other, you wore those rose glasses of love. Yep, you feel like nothing can ever bring you down. You enjoy each moment with each other, until you notice the person you thought you would love has changed.

You might keep thinking that its not true and maybe it is your fault, but hey, nothing is not you. Maybe it is but we are humans we are meant to change, else we’d be still living in a forest trying to figure out how to get that fire on.

Nothing is going to last forever, not nowadays. Back then when I have seen my great grandparents who both turned over 100 and had been together since forever (over 50 years) for example I guess that’s real love. We all can set that as a goal to reach. Anyways real love does exist as you can see.

So if you feel like your actual boyfriend isn’t the right END IT it won’t get better. He won’t change. Nor the feelings will be coming back if they are once gone. Don’t do a break if you already know it won’t get better.

Surround your people that will cheer you up, your friends that are always there for you. Distract yourself with them enjoying life because the world is still existing even though you might think you don’t wanna live anymore?!

That’s not right!
You’re a great person!
Always remember that!
Never put yourself down.

Article Credits: Christin Götz

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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10 thoughts on “Why the World Doesn’t End with a Break-Up”

  1. Awww its so heart touching. I agree with each and every word of this post. Yes, we better move on when there seem no room for betterment. Things don’t go long if they’re supported by one hand. Tell me what’s the need of such a person who doesn’t care about us either? Life worths living with our beloveds. Its not meant to be wasted for the mistakes which others made. Cheer up and rock your life!!

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