The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral

The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral

So what’s the secret to making something go viral? It starts with making something that people have no choice but to care about.

Something both so personal, but simultaneously so universal and human that not sharing it would seem selfish or “out of whack.”

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Now, what you go about creating is totally up to you. It may take 100 or 1,000 tries to make something that has such an impact on people.

But if your goal is to make other people genuinely care about what you have to say — not in the general social media “like” way but actually feel it — you’ll have no problem going viral.

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59 thoughts on “The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral”

  1. I love these kind of posts because it’s so encouraging to people like me who have always wanted to speak about things from my heart but not sure if it’s worthy of being heard. Thank you for this. I’m very encouraged.

  2. oh!,,,,,, expressed in very precise manner in very less words,,,,,,,,, Great !!!! … for me viral posts posses tremendous potential to makeover the society in both terms ….its can positively impact and could be disaster …… use your heart along with the brains when you want to make anything viral!!

    Hey, you may find this blog helpful too
    Stay Healthy Stay Blessed!

  3. Making a story appealing to people ideologies and interest, has to be targeted and strategic, you might sometimes make a post, rich in its content and still doesn’t resonate with the people, so, the secrete is to keep it simple, interesting, attractive and interactively engaging.

  4. There’s such a focus on going “viral” that there’s less of a focus on the beauty and community of sharing in the blogging world. Although nice, I sometimes wish that this constant goal of going viral was overshadowed by genuine interaction and communication by people in the blogosphere.

    1. I wanted to loose hope in people until I read your comment. Thank goodness! There is hope for the world. Why must the priority of the social media be things going viral?

  5. the more desperately one tries to go viral, the more crap comes out’s better to keep doing what you know the best in a best possible way and eventually something might click with the people..

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