The Advantages of Traveling Alone

The Advantages of Traveling Alone

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Ferry Van Oossanen

-Contributor, Travel Writer, Founder & Owner of Discoverchiapas

I know that there is many people out there that regularly think about taking a long trip far away. There is always those doubts tho. What will my family think, how do I get enough money to do so, will I be able to find a job when I come back. I want to talk to you about the life advantages of travelling.

1. Ultimate freedom.

When you first take the decision to travel you will probably feel a fear that you have never felt before. I can promise you the moment you have packed your backpack and you walk out your house this fear will change into the greatest feeling of freedom you have ever experienced. There is nothing and nobody stopping you from doing anything that comes up in your mind.

  • If you want to stay somewhere for a month, YOU CAN.
  • If you want to leave a place after a day, YOU CAN.
  • If you want to go bungee jumping, YOU CAN
  • If you want to meet 1.000 new people, YOU CAN
  • If you want to spend a week completely alone, YOU CAN
  • If you want to party every day, YOU CAN
  • If you want to never drink again, YOU CAN
  • If you want to live of the streets, YOU CAN
  • Whatever you want to do, nobody is going to stop you!

2. You can easily change things you don’t like about yourself.

I sort of said it already in the last part but this is an important aspect as well. A lot of the things you do on a daily basis you do because you are expected to do them. You do them because you have always done them like that and if you change now people will think you are strange. Even if people will not think you are strange there is always the fear of people thinking that or just simply the habit of doing certain things.

A smoker for example often smokes with certain friends and in certain situations. The hardest moments for many people who want to stop smoking is being around their smoking friends. You can now find non-smoking friends.

If you want to stop drinking, you can now stop drinking. There is not going to be pressure from people around you. People will think you have always been like that and they will accept it. There is absolutely no pressure.

Anything you want to change you can change the moment you leave, your new friends will just think that is who you are and accept it. When you come back your old friends will think the travelling changed you and be happy for the good influence your trip has had on you.

3. Opportunity to meet new friends.

Meeting new friends from all over the world is the most eye opening thing you can do. It might be a little hard at first to put aside your programmed ideas, but eventually you will realize a lot of things are not the way you think they are.

A lot of our ideas and opinions are influenced by news reports and television shows and even if we don’t want it they form a bit part of what we think and say. I can proudly say going down my Facebook list I have friends from over 50 different countries. Many times in conversations and discussions in international groups I realized that my opinions changed about certain places.

4. Find new places you love!

Travelling around the world I found a new place that I love more than my home country and ended up staying there. It is an incredible thing that be somewhere and realize that that is where you want to be. To feel like this is where you should be staying, I don’t know if this feeling will change again eventually. For now I am very happy in my new place and you as well can do this.

All and all travelling is the most beautiful thing you can do it expands your mind. It makes you happy and grateful to be alive every day. So Go!!! Go and explore! It is worth it!

Article Credits: Ferry Van Oossanen

-Contributor, Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member

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50 thoughts on “The Advantages of Traveling Alone”

  1. This is so true! Traveling alone has taught me amazing lessons and a lot of things about myself I would never learnt with other people 🙂

  2. Traveling alone is stressful, but it’s so satisfying when you get home and no you’ve accomplished something difficult and new all by yourself. And if you get lonely you can always make new friends when traveling which is great.

  3. I often travel alone and I think because of this I have ended up meeting people that I may not have spoken to if I had been travelling with friends. Going on your own means that you have to speak to people and its a lovely way to push you out of your comfort zone

  4. I want to travel the world so bad. I just want to get away and see new things, learn new things, meditate, meet new people, immerse myself in new culture.. But when you’re paid minimum wage, can’t find a better job to save your life, and have bills out the wa-zoo, it’s impossible to do. I truly feel like my soul needs to travel, and I’m depressed that I can’t. Great post. It made me feel like there are people who understand my need for travel. It’s almost a spiritual feeling, I just can’t fulfill it.

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  6. I love to travel and I continue to do so but there is also a different kind of fun travelling with your best friends. I know that the point of changing of habit obstructs with mine but there is something mesmerizing travelling with your best friends. Just explaining my point of view.

  7. I also love to travel! If you’re looking for a blog to relate to.. i just started a blog documenting my life. adventure, heartbreak, travel, love and comedy. Please help me share my site and follow along!

  8. I’ve been pondering the idea of traveling alone but have sorta a fear of self-reliance? I mean I travel across the country (US) alone and feel comfortable buts its the daunting feeling of being alone in a completely different country. Do the majority of solo travelers feel this or am I in the minority? Great post!

  9. Wonderful post ! Really agree with most of what you have written here.. I too prefer going solo or with my family and avoid going with friends primarily because while traveling , you just want to be yourself and not pretend to be someone want to do whatever you feel like..

    Having said that, whether you travel solo or otherwise , travelling always makes you richer .Well here is my list of 3 best things that Travelling does to you (2 min read)…

    Would really love to hear best things that you think travelling actually does !!

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