Take the Driver’s Seat!

Take the Driver’s Seat!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Medina

Founder & Owner of: The Happy Life 101

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer

Run the Day

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“Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You”- Jim Rohn

They say that life is a journey. If that’s the case, I say Congratulations! That makes you an automatic driver! Now, if you’re a good driver, you’re definitely going to make it to your destination. BUT if you’re a lousy driver, you might get hit and hurt, (or do that to another “driver”) and you’re on your way to total disaster.

So, lets get familiarized with some of life’s traffic lights and signs before you go hit the road!

  • STOP:

We live in a fast-paced environment where every second count and everyone is in a hurry. If you think we accomplish more by being always on the go, think again. We all need to take a break, otherwise we get burnt-out.  Also, when we’re always rushing through life, we missed out opportunities. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not endured. It’s nice to pause once in a while and smell the roses too.

  • READY & GO:

Be ready for life by equipping your self with the right attitude. Remember that your life is how you make it. Help your self attain success by breaking down your major goals into tiny goals that you can achieve. Be aware that there will be “road blocks”, and know that you only fail if you don’t try to overcome them. Think positive and believe in what you can do!


When  you are not feeling good, you have to do a “Self-check”. Revisit the different aspects of your life and see how you are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Normally, if we are bothered or feeling something unpleasant, it is our Self telling us that we need to make change something in us.

  • U-TURN:

Reflect on previous experience. Be it good or bad, there is always something worth remembering. Even Albert Einstein said that “The only source of knowledge is Experience.”


Sometimes, unexpected and even unpleasant things happen. It is during this occasions that we need to be brave, to go out of our comfort zones, and take risks. We should rise to the challenge and respond to the opportunity that is  given to us!

Enjoy your journey and drive safely! 🙂

Article Credits: Nina Medina

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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37 thoughts on “Take the Driver’s Seat!”

    1. Wow! Thank you for your comment! It makes me really happy to know that. You can also check my other posts in my blog- thehappylife101.wordpress.com

  1. True. Be the driver of your own life, or else you’ll be in the passenger seat for the rest of your life. Be in control. Road blocks in life are often what makes us stronger. ?

  2. I like pit stops and U-turns, since they cause us to reflect and get back on track. Hate Detours …waste time but the concept you shared makes sense. Detours cause us to stretch…to get out of our comfort zone.

  3. This was a fun read. I work for an automotive company, so we get beat over the head with these types of metaphors all the time. That said, these were fun, thanks! If I could add one: yield… To other drivers and see how you can help them out. Take care 🙂

    1. I agree! And taking responsibilities gives us opportunities to learn, to mature, to compromise (and even improvise) to teach others, and to be in control…

  4. This is really cool! I told someone once that I prayed to God for change. They said “buckle-up, you’ve getting ready to go on a journey you won’t soon forget!” That was 14 years ago and I’m still buckled in! Life is truly what you make it.

    1. Thank you! ? You’re right, life is what we make it even if there are circumstances that we cannot control-we can always choose how to respond. And life is always better when we know that God is with us! ?

  5. It aroused me somewhere inside..as u have to dress up,get up and perform everyday watever it takes.. Being at the front seat of our life determineS us and shapes us for future .

    1. Hello Misha! Thank you for your comment. I agree, being at the front seat means we have to be in control of our lives. ?

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