How to Eat Well While on Vacation

How to Eat Well While on Vacation

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Julia H.

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Airports. Crowded tourist destinations. Rest stops. Crappy hotel food. Travel. There is a lot that can stop you from eating well while you vacation. Don’t let your travels turn into a diet disaster. Here are some tips to prevent your eating from going off track so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Eat regular meals. As difficult as it can be fitting your three meals a day (or more) into your schedule when you’re running through security to get to your gate or trying to see every tourist attraction before you leave, take a few minutes out of your super busy day and find some time to eat. Even if this means squeezing a sandwich into your bag into your bag, eating enough and at proper times during the day will help prevent you from getting “hangry” and in return, will help you to actually enjoy your travels. The same goes with water (don’t forget to hydrate!).

Pack snacks. If you don’t have enough time to sit down for an actual meal, bring some foods with you that are filling and easy to eat while on the go. This can include nuts, granola bars, fruit, or pretzels. Keeping something to snack on at all times will keep you from hitting rock bottom hunger during your day and will give you enough energy to sustain you through your travels.

It’s your vacation. Chances are that you spent a lot of time and money planning this vacation so enjoy it! It is okay to splurge—it’s your vacation from everything to your job, your house, and also your diet (whether this diet be an actual “diet” or just what you eat on a normal basis). Oftentimes food is indicative of the culture of a place, so don’t miss out on exploring and learning about the world around because of you feel you need to stick to your strict diet!

That being said, don’t go overboard with the food. Just like you want to avoid being “hangry,” you also want to avoid walking around in a food coma all day. Use your hunger signals and eat when your body tells you that it is hungry and put the fork down when you start to feel full. This should be common sense but sometimes it can feel impossible, especially when the place you are visiting is known for its delicious cuisine.

Part of enjoying your vacation includes enjoying the food. Don’t let a restrictive attitude take away from your experience in a new place. Knowing when and what you are going eat will help to keep you energetic and satisfied.  Eat well and happy travels!

Article Credits: Julia H.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. It’s funny, but your first two tips are something I can use on a daily basis. My job requires me to travel often for work and in doing so, I miss a lot of meals. This causes me to eat basically junk food due to the flight / meeting schedule. I really need to plan my trips to make eating as important as meetings and presentations. Thanks!

  2. I really needed this- I’ve never been able to carefully plan how to eat on vacation! this was a great guide/read for the summer

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