7 Ways to Have More Confidence in Yourself

7 Ways to Have More Confidence in Yourself

1. Surround yourself with motivating people.

If you find yourself weighed down by the people around you, or you’re constantly the smartest person in the room, you’re probably in the wrong place. My greatest sources of motivation are the passionate, hard working people around me who have grand dreams and brilliant minds. Build your team and your community with people who push you to grow and think outside the box. When you know you have to be on your toes to keep up, you will work harder and think bigger. That same passion will ignite in you.

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2. Keep affirmations where you can see them.

It’s so easy as an entrepreneur to get sucked into feeling exhausted or frustrated, and often the blame is yours alone. But a negative mindset sucks up mental bandwidth and energy that you need to stay focused and successful. It is crucial to maintain an optimistic attitude in the face of setbacks. Whenever you see a quote or a picture that helps you stay positive, place it front and center so you can remember what this journey is all about.

3. Remember the grind you left behind.

When you are tempted to drop the weight of self-employment, when reporting to a boss sounds so much easier than doing what you’ve chosen, remember the reason why you are in business for yourself. Remember why you chose entrepreneurship: when you were beholden to someone else it kept you from expanding and reaching the heights of your talents and creativity. If you have to, make time to visit your friends in their 9-to-5 offices so you can remember just what you’re “missing.”

4. Think about others first.

The best way to find motivation in any situation is to stop thinking about how you can better yourself, and start thinking about how you can better the world around you. Set a goal to motivate one person (or more) each day. Expand your goals to include improving your community, your family — anyone except yourself — and you will start seeing the world in macro, rather than micro, which gives everything you do new meaning.

5. Start each day anew.

When you open your eyes in the morning, meet the day without the baggage from the previous day. Mistakes have been made, things have gone wrong. That’s life. The difference between a successful business owner and one who fails is that successful entrepreneurs train their minds through repetition to keep a progressive, inquisitive mindset. Setbacks can be opportunities, and failures can be lessons. It’s all up to how you look at it.

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6. Set up effortless feedback channels.

Customer feedback is crucial. It can help eliminate the negatives in a growing business, which makes your product and company stronger. But in addition, feedback channels can also provide welcome and surprising confirmation from customers who are very happy with what you have been doing. Everyone needs that extra boost from time to time, so make it easy to receive.

7. Stay clear about your path.

Honestly, if you aren’t on point with what your overarching goals are, you will end up lost and floundering. The best way to stay motivated is to know exactly where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. Reaffirm your endgame every day by posting your goals where you can see them. Break your goals down into smaller steps that can be accomplished and celebrated. What you want to accomplish should be clear, prominent and give you the energy to keep going every day.

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    1. I don’t think that this is something you can learn. Either you want to update regularly or you don’t. You have to decide how often you feel like you need to be updating. For me, coming up with a weekly line-up, a daily focus made it much easier to blog daily. And, I have made time for it. 1 hour each morning before I get up and get ready for my work day.

  1. Surrounding yourself with great people is most powerful and efortless. You become like them automaticly, don’t even have to think, put effort in it and thanks for the tips.

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    1. Ensure to be truthful and transparent in all contact and
    2. Always dress and present yourself well to the public
    3. Be ethical while approaching issues.

  3. I think #1 and #7 are the most important! It’s all about the company you keep and surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people who are doing their own initiatives. We are the average of our 6 closest friends! We must also maintain clarity and vision about where we want to go so we can get there. If we are confident and sure of ourselves, then we will always know the right paths to take to get us there ??

  4. Really great tips! Self-confidence is also in your mind. Instead of always trying to think things through just take a leap of faith. The fear of failure keeps crippling out lives and potential daily.

  5. Friend, that’s the difference between God and man, don’t you think?
    God knows we will succeed, but its us who are even afraid to try!
    God Bless you my dear friend.

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