4 Ways to Self-Motivate Yourself Every Day

4 Ways to Self-Motivate Yourself Every Day

1. Avoid making decisions that result in immediate rewards.

In order to make the right choices for your future self, you must place additional value on perceived rewards. Intentionally making decisions that benefit long-term rewards will provide you with a positive feeling and a brighter outlook for the future.

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2. Create a reward system.

Incentives are excellent motivators. Most decisions you make are based on a perceived outcome with the least amount of risk. Identify each step on your journey to reaching your goals and associate a reward with each milestone. As you reach each mark, you’ll find your motivation increases as you get closer to your objective.

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3. Prioritize your task list.

To-do lists only work if you’re regularly adding and completing tasks. If you’re constantly adding items to your agenda but you don’t make the time to complete them, your to-do list may become overwhelming, resulting in a loss of productivity. Processing your action items through a regular routine can help keep you focused on reaching your goals.

4. Start your workday the night before.

Mornings often pose the biggest threat to motivation. Rather than tackling your daily task list in the morning, begin prioritizing your items the night before, and familiarize yourself with everything you plan to do the next day.

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46 thoughts on “4 Ways to Self-Motivate Yourself Every Day”

  1. I actually find that mornings, rather than evenings/nights, oftentimes inspire me and that inspiration leads to motivation! Then again, evenings also inspire me, soo… anywho, great post!

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  4. my only motivation is education for my 3 daughters and I prioritize everything on daily basis what I need to do next for them, I get some time to myself when I am in the bed and go through the whole day in my mind what I did today was right and what I did was wrong and I wake the next morning, well I try not to repeat those mistakes again

  5. Having read several books recently about people who are excellent in their field, I have come to think that motivation is the crucial element in success. It is how you keep going and going ignored to pile up small gains–which is how big gains usually come.

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