3 Keys to Increasing Your Confidence & Finding Your Meaning in Life

3 Keys to Increasing Your Confidence & Finding Your Meaning in Life

Do what you love.

You reap a great sense of accomplishment and joy when you chase your passion—something you will do even if you aren’t paid. Following your passion allows you to gain skills in areas in which you are already strong and will push you to become better.

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Be true to yourself.

Do not set your career or life path in a certain direction based on what friends or family members want for you. It’s also important for you to think honestly about your resources, skills and abilities along with what you have and what is needed to help you move forward. Be open to suggestions and advice from others who are already doing what you’re trying to do.

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Stay the course and be resilient.

As you set forth to achieve your goals and your dreams, you cannot be thin-skinned. You must be durable and strong with a determination that you will get to where you want to go.

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70 thoughts on “3 Keys to Increasing Your Confidence & Finding Your Meaning in Life”

  1. Great messages for all of us to consider and remember – especially before the start of a new week! Often a message I think of, but falls away during the hustle and bustle of life.

  2. What really seems funny to me is that everybody knows that you have to do what you love to be happy, but very few people actually do it. Being successful is hard, but not doing what you love is harder and painfull. Thanks for your post by the way!

  3. Great thoughts that can be applied to life in general. Doing something we love really makes a difference in how we see life. When we are in a job we hate and too busy for the activities we love we can lose some of our confidence. I am conducting research on the topic of Confidence and would love to have you participate in a survey I have created. https://melaniefellmanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/a-survey/ May we all experience enough confidence to go toward our goals.

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  5. While I agree (and great post by the way), there is a glaring hole. What is your passion?
    I have struggled for years to find happiness, I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression as well, and the one thing which still holds me back is finding out what is my passion. I just don’t know. I fear depression is masking it from me by washing out any drive and passion I have. I think it holds others back to.

    1. Good point, I think pinpointing your true passions can be very difficult, particularly in an age where we are bombarded with info and options. We are almost spoilt for choice. Could you possibly strip down the input of the world around you, an example would be a social media cleanse or a weekend with no phone and really just see what you are pulled to activity wise, reading wise, creatively?… Good luck on your quest 🙂

    2. I have a test that really can help you pinpoint your passion. If you need help finding out please email me at roofbreakersblog@gmail.com I will send you the test to help guide ya. BTW I struggled with depression for a long time and when I found my passion I have never felt better about life.

  6. I particularly like the last point. Consistency is key, reminds me of digging for gold, before you throw down that shovel in exhaustion and frustration just keep digging a little more! You never know what that small extra effort in keeping on with what you set out to do may unearth!

  7. I’ve just passed a year on my global travels. It’s been tumultuous yet terrific and I’ve learned more in a year than I have in the 24 that preceded it. All because I decided to run away with my passions and not conform to what is expected of me. Life is simple. Pursue what makes you happy.

    1. Yes! Definitely agree! For those that struggle to find what makes them happy, keep trying new things, never turn down opportunities to travel and keep an open mind. Thanks for sharing thewanderingwonderer – envious of your global travel session!

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  9. Love this. I just decided a couple weeks ago on the university I wanted to transfer to, which opposed the school my father and others wanted me to attend. Of course this caused problems and yet I don’t feel nearly as academically pressured or nervous. And I realized this is my future, it’s something for me to decide and shape. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing!

  10. When you are happy, your confidence is anyways high but when you are in deep trouble,that’s when you need to boost yourself..and the best way to do it is to remember two things :

    1.Since your good time didn’t last for long, so even bad time won’t be here forever.Time is gonna change without fail.It might take 2 months, 4 months or 6 months , but things gonna change for good.

    2.When you Hit the rock bottom , only way from there is up ..that’s it.

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