Why Blogging Can Make You More Known

Why Blogging Can Make You More Known

People start blogs all the time no matter what time of the day it is. Most of them happen to get a little known to the public. Some of them get three digits of followers, maybe four even! In rare cases, though, some of them get so popular it becomes their job, even their career.

The question is how do they do it?

They keep on trying. Mainly because when you keep on trying, something is bound to happen! HOWEVER, it will only happen if you keep going with the blog that you’ve started.

What about plugins? Advertising? Even selling your products that you’ve made? Well, those happen to help you somewhat in the short run but for the long run, you must keep going in order to have a blog be successful.

My advice? Keep going no matter the cause. When you do keep going, you will get the audience you’ve dreamed of having. I bet there are some bloggers out there that happened to blog for years in order to get their audience they’ve always wanted!

It will only work if you keep trying. No matter what happens and with time and patience, things WILL happen!

58 thoughts on “Why Blogging Can Make You More Known”

  1. Sometimes, I wonder “what’s the point, if no one’s reading it”. Then, I remember that I’m writing for me. The story needs to come out. It doesn’t matter if 2 or 200 people read it. I wrote it, and will continue to write it. That’s what matters:)

  2. I blog because I like to write. It’s nice to get ‘likes’ or followers though as it makes you feel valued as a writer. It is at times a little bit disheartening when you get people that quite clearly read your blog, but don’t leave a comment. I also find it a pain and annoying when I get more views than likes. But again I write for me first and because I love writing! I hope that when people read and comment on my posts, it’s because they have read something that has made them stop and think. But thanks for this post, it’s nice to read other peoples comments as to why they blog.

    1. No problem! At least you made me think for a little bit! THAT usually doesn’t happen when I read comments people posted about my stuff but it rarely does! But anyways, thanks for the comment!

  3. I stated blogging because I needed to find myself and learn new skills. As of lately I’ve been so busy and couldn’t fit in doing some work on my blog. This piece really inspired me to keep trying and work hard at it.
    Thank you for the motivation.

  4. Thanks for this post. I will continue going. I am blogging because I have a heart to help people. My writing skills are ok and with practice, they will get better. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Well said- sometimes it’s hard to find motivation, so it’s important that you start off, not necessarily with the intent to get popular or make money, but because you thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks for your insight 🙂

  6. Being a inspirational blogger, keep moving forward is one of the things I tell my readers but honestly it is not that easy , it takes faith and patience to keep at a thing especially when it is not yielding the desired results. But thanks for reminding me once more, the benefits of persistence.

  7. Thank you for the post. It feels good to be encouraged. I am not very good at writing, but then, I thought “What’s there to lose?” and I started it. Maybe with time I would be better at writing.

  8. Thanks I’ve just started my own blog in the hope to help people going through similar situations as me, but I will try to keep your advice in mind as I go.

  9. This is a very inspirational post, that’s certainley what we need to do keep going forward, hopefully we might become as popular as other bloggers, and it won’t take as long either if we support each other. Veronica.

  10. Thank you for your positive words and encouragement. To keep on blogging and “keep going” isn’t easy and it does take time. Sometimes, it takes a shorter time for some bloggers, while it takes longer for others. Persistence is key. <3

  11. Good read! I have four digits within a month a launch. It’s all because I work almost 100 hours a week! Hard work definitely pays off! Cheers! Keep going at it everyone!

  12. One reason I continue to write is because I strongly believe (seriously, this is so ingrained in my head I even have it on my about page) that even if one person reads my material, it’s worth it. Because that’s one person who’s listening to my voice and encouraging the discussion, and then THAT person could use the new perspective to start a conversation of their own. When I first started, I struggled to even get those one or two people to read my material! We all start somewhere.

    Thanks for this piece of inspiration. I think a lot of writers, especially new ones (or maybe even ones who have been around for a while) could use this as an opportunity to reflect on why we write in the first place.

    Great read! 🙂


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