Where to Find Happiness

Where to Find Happiness

Most people consider happiness a complex, elusive and unreachable goal. In our relentless pursuit of happiness, we are no way prepared as it is happening to us every moment. More often we sought it in the wrong places.  I came across the book “With GOD All Things Are Possible” and here is what I found out:

1. Work

The only people who will really be happy are those who find ways to serve others through the skills or talents bestowed upon them regardless of the payment. Every study of happiness underscores the importance of a meaningful work to personal well-being. Having nothing to do is one of  life’s greatest tragedies because an idle mind is the devil’s workplace.

2. Play

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Do something different, relax with a hobby and spend time in the open air, in the woods, in the garden, in friendly games, in pleasant talks. We had been so serious about life growing up; we forget the delight of childhood where everything is a play. We need to loosen up once in a while and be a child again.

3. Love and be loved

Not in the narrow meaning of sex although it is also an important part of it. Love in its broader sense is the desire to do good things for others, to help, to protect, to guide, to share and to console. One can accomplish all of these things without the element of sex entering into it.

It is this feeling of being loved that makes a happy child and it is the same feeling of being loved that makes a happy man or woman. The most joyous people on earth are those who know they were loved and since love begets love, they love back in return.

4. Faith

Faith in yourself, faith in others and faith in God; these were the three things I would like to leave on my children as an inheritance. To be truly happy we must feel that life has a purpose surging toward some great event to which the whole creation moves. And that we have some part, no matter how small in this march of the universe.

Faith means we must believe in God who loves us and who bears our troubles in His heart. For even with our work, even with our play, even with our love, there will come a time when we need much more. When we are sorely tried with the hard situation and difficult problems that faith in God will give us the capacity to see life and see it as a whole. It will be the great anchor of our happiness. This faith will give meaning to our work, a sacrament to our love and direction to our life.

61 thoughts on “Where to Find Happiness”

  1. But, the balance between work and play feels so elusive! Is it enough to have Love? (Unfortunately, I haven’t much faith.)

  2. Great article Aui. Inspired living is certainly the way to go, although it can be elusive. For instance the work / play balance. Faith and society also always seem to clash. I’m still trying to figure out how that pair works. I also write on inspired living at http://www.clngwenwi.com Visit when chanced.

  3. Nice read, God definitely has a place in my heart which makes my life more full and happy. I often find myself unhappy and stressed when I forget to talk to Him or prioritize other things.

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