When Silence Speaks Better than Words

When Silence Speaks Better than Words

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Prasenjeet Gautam

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The world’s most important proverbs that we all heard: Silence is Gold and Speech is Silver.

Silence has its own Beauty, Value, Depth and always leaves an impression on our Mind, Heart, and Soul. Where speech becomes less valuable. Silence has its own depth and it always depends upon nothing. No cost for silence

We cannot define silence; silence defines itself. Depending on the viewer or the person who understands the silence better than words. Listen and Silent are the same words and how beautifully defines.

Silence always keep on growing, keeps on developing, and keeps on enlarging. Where words minimize the thoughts, it can break the relation and hurt people. Where silence protect all these issues.

This may be the reason that most of the intelligent people or well decorative personalities speak less and listen more. Most of the writers and creative people work in silent place. Maybe silence gives them strength to understand this world in a better way. I have heard when we work silently than your silence work for you, something great happens inside your mind and it helps you to grow. Silence gives birth to creativity. Moreover, we keep ourselves silent; the less the heart can be hurt.

I fully agree that “Silence is Gold and Speech is Silver” 

Article Credits: Prasenjeet Gautam

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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3 thoughts on “When Silence Speaks Better than Words”

  1. Yes You are right. Silence also make us loss or gain nothing because speech can lead you in trouble and silence can also lead you not to defend yourself at the right time.

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