What’s the Strategy to Getting Your Blog to Stand Out from the Crowd?

What’s the Strategy to Getting Your Blog to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Ask yourself:

  • Does your content distract and overtax your readers?
  • Are your messages too long and complex?
  • Can your visitors find the information they need quickly?
  • How do you engage users who are “clicking instead of concentrating”?

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Now the Fix?:

  • Less is often more on the Web. Eliminate distracting site features such as animated pictures and scrolling text.
  • Make your posts easy to scan with subheadings and bullets.
  • Use site navigation to break your information into shorter pages.
  • Make hyperlinks more descriptive.
  • Don’t tell readers to “Read more”; tell them what they will read if they click on it.
  • Write website content in a conversational, less formal tone.
  • Get to the point in the first words.
  • Don’t expect readers to read a long introductory paragraph.
  • Use adjectives, hyperbole, corporate-speak, and jargon sparingly.
  • Consider using video to communicate more complex information.

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39 thoughts on “What’s the Strategy to Getting Your Blog to Stand Out from the Crowd?”

  1. Totally agree with the question – not just in beauty world, but all niches – with so many blogs out there it’s harder to stand out – I reckon you need to really hone your “voice” and make sure you stay genuine to yourself. No point copying someone else ‘voice’ or ‘style’ as the act eventually wears out.. “Be yourself and you’ll attract the right crowd that will stick with you” Great post team. Love checking in. xx

  2. Yeah, I agree. I love when posts are short but informative. I love to post pictures to show people what I’m talking about. You have to be who you are and write your own thoughts.

  3. Cool! There are some things I may have never thought of when I read this article. It’s interesting to figure out how to get the audience someone looks for. Maybe this article will help not only me but others as well!

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