What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Precious Kc George

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Expect problems and eat them for breakfast – Alfred. A. Montapert.

Have you had your breakfast yet? Of course you know I am talking about that first meal taken after rising from a night sleep mostly taken in the morning before work. I want to propose the most bizarre of food for your next breakfast.

Your problems. Yes! eat your problems for breakfast.

Problems are real. You have them with you every day of your life. They come to you even when you are not ready for them. There is no hiding place from problems. You live life to solve problems; your problems and that of others.

The work you do, whether as an employee, student or even as an employer, is all about solving problems. So problems fuel our existence and we are natural problem solvers.
Then, why do you feel uncomfortable when you are faced with problems, if you are a born problem solver? Why do you try to wish them away when they come?

You think you can just close your eyes, say a silent prayer that when open, you see them no more? Well, you will not solve your problems by waving the magic wand. You can only solve them in the 4 following ways:
1. By believing that you can.

2. By being practical in finding the root cause of it.

3. By following a process of finding a solution and an alternative to it.

4. By seeing a problem as an opportunity to find a solution which could be a model for others in similar situation to adopt and solve theirs too.

You are a winner when you face a problem squarely and solve it successfully. Winners solve their problems by first of all, clearly identifying and accurately defining the perceived problem.

Most of the times, what you believe to be a problem may actually not be a problem. For instance, if your wage does not sustain you to the next pay day, it may not be a problem of under payment but a problem of an extravagant spending habit. You may be lacking in financial discipline, you may need to brush up your budgeting skills. So, the real problem must be identified and established.

Find out the factors that give oxygen to the problem. Why is your budgeting skill letting you down? You have not really had the time to sit down and draw up a reliable income and expenditure model that ensures that your cash outflow does not exceed the inflow? Why do we always complain of lack of time to do the most basic of things? Effective time management is fundamental to problem solving. Therefore, all factors sustaining a problem must be identified and dealt with.

When eating problems for breakfast, remember not to rush your food, so that you don’t choke on it. (You know what I mean.) Don’t be in a hurry to settle for the first solution you come up with. It may not be the most appropriate. Come up with different solutions to a single problem and write them down. Examine the strong points and weaknesses of each solution by Placing it next to the problem. Whittle the list down, untill you are left with the best among the best. Then apply that to the problem.

Don’t forget to Monitor the reaction of the problem to the solution applied to identify any snags. Clear all identified snags and move on with your life.

So, is that problem still giving you sleepless nights, why don’t you eat it for breakfast this morning?

Been in a problem before right? What way(s) did you eat it up?

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Article Credits: Precious Kc George

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    1. Lol Lex you just had to say it.

      By the way, fruits in the morning sure helps. I’ve tried it before but i still prefer a nice simple tea most times. ?

      Much love.

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  2. I really like the point you emphasize for being mentally strong and creative problem solvers. ?it doesnt mind whether ?ts an eating problem or business or relationship. Thanks for reminding us that we are already effective problem solvers , Best!

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