Things They Never Tell Women About Getting Older!

Things They Never Tell Women About Getting Older!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Stephanie Christie

Founder & Owner of: Making Time for Me

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Healthy Living Writer

I am 35 years old and will be 36 in August.  Yesterday I was reflecting on some things about how my life is and how I feel about my body.  It got me to thinking, nobody every told me about this.

  1.  Nobody every said sex would get better with age.  As a woman, sex is WAY more enjoyable in my 30’s then it was in my teens.  Plus, you want it WAY more.  You finally understand what the boys were thinking at 18.
  2. It is OK to show off your grey hair.  I am getting more and more grey hair by the day.  I am not dying it and have no plans to.  That is OK, you don’t have to be ashamed of it and pay hundreds of dollars to cover it.  Each grey hair represents a day, hour, minute of this beautiful life.
  3. To go along with that, it is okay to not care about makeup.  You can go all day every day without putting makeup on.  If you look in the mirror and you feel confident without it, then you don’t need it.
  4. At some point you need to stop dressing like you are 20.  When is that point??  I don’t know for sure, but I guarantee you will know it.  Listen to that voice you hear saying you are “too old” to wear that, because you probably are!  Just because you are still cute, thin and take care of your body, doesn’t mean you should be baring your assets all the time.
  5. You will always feel like you do all the work.  Even if you are married and have a wonderful partner, you will feel like you do everything.  Something about getting older as a woman, you can see everything that needs to be done all the time and you will work to get it done.
  6. Your taste buds will change.  That fish that you hated when you were younger.  The sour cream that tasted too tangy and the chicken wings that were too hot.  At some point they will all start to taste incredible to you.  As a rule of thumb I try things that I think I don’t like, at least once a year to see if anything about my tastes have changed.
  7. Learn how to cook or teach yourself how.  Your family will thank you.  Believe in yourself in the kitchen.  Try out a few basic recipes.  Then, move up from there.  Have staples in your kitchen all the time and trust yourself to throw ingredients together to come with something delicious.  Home meals are amazing, stretch your dollar much further and usually provide leftovers.
  8. It is OK to go to bed at 10pm, heck even 9pm.  You don’t have to feel ashamed that you crawl into bed after the end of a long day.  The kids are in bed, you have worked at the office for 8 hours, you made dinner and now you are exhausted.  Why pretend that you stay up late?  Enjoying your sleep and taking advantage of it is nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. Separating laundry and reading labels is a waste of time.  Unless you actually want to bleach specific items.  You can throw all of your clothes in the same load.  You can wash everything on cold (it saves energy anyway).  There are a few things here and there that don’t follow this rule, you will know.  For the most part, just toss it all in and worry about it less.
  10. Lastly, your 30’s are awesome. In a completely different way than your teens and your twenties.  Sure most of us can’t get away with doing the things that we did, the way that we did them 15 years ago.  However, by 30’s you have found your place in this world.  You know who you are and you aren’t afraid to show people.

Article Credits: Stephanie Christie

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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38 thoughts on “Things They Never Tell Women About Getting Older!”

  1. I’m 36 and I don’t disagree witch you, especially in point 2. At least I have a beautiful natural hair and I’ll stop used the haircolor. I don’t have no gray hair and I don’t know what are you speaking about it? I think that the point 10 is the best, because each of the time in our life has a natural beauty. When you are teenagers you don’t see the world who around you. You want to be adult because you are thinking that the adult has a simply life. When you are 15-18; 18-20, 20-25 and 25-30 and 30+ your prioritates was changed and you need to decided how to arrange or design your life? Use them us best you can. Much people are wearing like a teenagers? You don’t why? Because they still aren’t a adult and their inside is like teenagers. They can not be reconciled with the fact that the body is getting old and their thoughts are still at the age of 20 years (psychology).

  2. im 26 and i go to bed and dont care so much about makeup now, but it seems i have a lot to look forward too in the next couple of years leading to my 30’s =) thank you !!!

  3. I suppose I agree with some of these things. I like going to bed late, so I don’t look forward to going to sleep at 9 or 10 pm. I’d rather learn to cook before my 30s.

  4. My Grandma Nan was the Queen of Laundry! She could remove any stain. She could make her bedding and towels smell like a bottle of Downy. Her “warsh” always came out of the dryer soft and fluffy. Mine, on the other hand, gets washed in cold, all of them, no matter what. They may or may not smell like Downy, and they may come out with a permanent stain because I didn’t check them first. Heck, the family is lucky if I even check the pockets before I wash them (too many ruined iPhone earbuds to count). I should’ve paid closer attention because she is gone now, and the smell of Downy is all I have left of her, but I don’t beat myself up for this anymore. My laundry is done and I will be in bed before 10:00! 🙂

  5. 30s are the best! 40s, 50s are wonderful and 60s are great – especially when all the kids are grown and out of the house and now it is time to spoil the grandchildren. Will get back to you about the 70s as I am starting that journey, going to retire and – do whatever I want to!

  6. I am the same age as yours and connect very well. 30’s good so far, want to explore the world before my grey hair takes up and the bones start to decline the walk…:)

  7. Great post! 🙂 So I recently joined the fab 30 club lol! Number 4 is already knocking at my door. I think I need a closet makeover. There are some items I need to donate because they no longer make the cut! I am looking forward to the awesomeness the 30s have to offer.

  8. Love it – you are a wise old (young) lady….#9 I always do – when I do laundry….wait until you hit my age (70) – and you come to realize what other people say about you does not matter….be happy with yourself and you will find happiness in many things….and using paper plates is far easier than washing dishes!

  9. I really enjoyed this read! No one ever talks about this stuff and I’m glad you made a post about it!

    If you’re up for it, here is my blog 🙂

  10. Great piece- the makeup part really hit me. I remember wearing pounds of foundation in high school (just thinking about it makes me cringe!) and I realized wearing more and more makeup wasn’t necessarily something I had to do as a part of getting older.

    Thanks for sharing!

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