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snnnn.jpgI’m good at snoozing alarms, as a matter of fact i have 3 different alarms and i snooze at least two of the three, but that stopped the day i took a nap after the alarm and i didn’t wake up until 5 A.M., i rushed to the bathroom, took a quick bath and rushed to the bus stop because i missed my neighbor that drops me at work.

Our lives should not depend on technology alone, some of us are so lazy that once the alarm rings even without opening our eyes we know how to snooze.

Phones, Laptop, internet, television and co has taken over our family time, i was chatting with my sister and in the course of our discussion, we both noticed that even when we are with our spouse we still romance our phone without really talking to him. Phones should not take over your home, your phone should not come before your prayers, your phone is suppose to wait till you finish reading in the library, studies should come before chats, phone is needed only to access the internet when reading and not for some sort of pinging.

Laziness and Procrastination comes in with the snoozing button, i will do it later, snoozing can be positive again but in most cases its used negatively.

When do you snooze and how do you snooze, how many minute is your snooze time. Lets make this an interactive topic, drop your comment, share and like.

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36 thoughts on “Snoozing”

  1. I have my snooze for 15 mins as I always intend on getting up earlier than I need to, but sometimes I just feel too tired. Other times I will get up straight away but I like to sleep longer if I’m really that tired x

      1. Yeah I wish I could wake up naturally but my natural time varies, at the moment it is about 9.30 which is a bit late! I had a busy week.. Very busy! Xx

  2. One alarm clock, and a mobile phone with alarm set to full volume. And still, waking up past the time set on both alarms. Either I am deaf or in deep sleep, coz I didn’t hear both of them snoozing.

  3. I only snooze if I’m exhausted. Otherwise, I up by 5:00am everyday. I’ve learned to not watch tv every night nor before I go to bed. Reading is much better for me.

  4. Back then I snooze endlessly, always wanting more sleep time, by before I sleep I will watch movies late into the night, then my eyes will refuse to close and finally when I sleep its not enough and the snoozing cycle continues…and you know what, I did almost everything late. It was a recipe for failure but I’m glad I ended it.
    Thanks Aanu for such a wonderful piece

  5. The first image on this post isn’t showing up correctly. I cannot snooze. Personally, I either don’t set the alarm, or if I do, it is for the intention to get up when it rings. So I get up. lol

  6. I’ve had a seriously bad habit lately of setting my phone up on the other side of the house as my alarm, waking up and then falling asleep back on the couch. It’s an awful habit… And in even border line falling asleep now. Need to get up and DO! Thanks ?

  7. I usually have three set for 5, 5:05, & 5:10 AM and then snooze all three and end up waking up at 5:45, ten minutes before I have to be in work. I know I have this problem and I tell myself the night before not to snooze but it still happens.. every day. What do I do??

  8. Loving all these short little one minute reads, they’re really quick and easy to read on the go when you’re busy, but still want to go into the blogging community and see what people have posted

  9. I don’t snooze, but my son he snooze his phone a lot, he has 3 or 4 snooze set on his phone , usually I hear the noise and go wake him up and ask him to get up or switch off.

  10. oh wow do I like have to stop snoozing now..?

    I snooze my alarm 3 times when I have to wake up in the morning| I just press the side button on my phone without looking at the screen| its a 15 minutes snooze

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