How to Manage Your Blog While on Vacation!

How to Manage Your Blog While on Vacation!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member:  Kaila O’ Neill

Founder & Owner of: Makeup by Kaila

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

Blogging shouldn’t be stressful-but it is a lot of work. While you are on vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about publishing posts every single day!

Schedule your posts!

Don’t try to write posts the day they are supposed to be published-especially when you are supposed to be on vacation! Even if you have to start writing posts weeks before, make sure you have enough posts scheduled to last the entirety of your vacation! You don’t want to have to be worried about not being able to post, you should be all set before you leave for your vacation!

Now, if you are on vacation and have some free time and want to blog, feel free! I always end up writing posts when I’m on vacation because I just love blogging so much! But you want it to stay fun, and not just a chore.

Schedule your social media!

If you want to be completely disconnected, schedule your tweets and Instagram posts. This way, you will be able to stay active on social media. Schedule tweets and photos to promote your blog posts! This can get difficult because there is no way to schedule replies to other people’s tweets, but you can at least stay active!


I doubt I’m the only person who worries about their blog when you have to be away from it, but remember, you are on vacation to relax, so do that!

Write a post about your vacation-while still on it!

If you want to write a post about your vacation, write when it’s still fresh in your mind! At the end of every night, write about what you did that day (kind of like a journal)! This way, it will be much more interactive and exciting for your readers!

If you have any other tips, share them in the comments!

Article Credits: Kaila O’ Neil

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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31 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Blog While on Vacation!”

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  2. I’m leaving on vacation Friday and have one more post to write and schedule before I leave so that my blog will live on while I’m away, and I’ve created a schedule for the month ahead. My next challenge as a newbie is finding a way to inexpensively schedule social activity in advance. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

  3. Personally, I find that it is helpful even when I am not on vacation to write good content in bulk if having a moment of inspiration; sometimes you’ll get enough content to last for a few weeks ( of course sometimes I feel like talking about other things so I insert what I feel like posting). Back to vacations, I was going to go on one this week and what I was wondering was whether I would have Internet at all to post; unfortunately the trip did not work out but scheduling if there is no internet option I think is better than not posting at all until you get back if you can ;p

    Authen ~

  4. indeed, scheduling posts and blogging while on vacation are among the best ways. however blogging while on vacation means the wifi or internet connection must be stable.

  5. Personally , I think Instagram is just what the doctor ordered while on vacations as it is quick & you can manage to stay in touch with your readers while giving them hints of your net write up which you can eventually publish after return.This wayyou can enjoy the vacations with worrying about losing touch with your followers !

  6. Hi there! I’m currently in the airport waiting to board for our vacation… Woohoo! But I’m a little worried about the blog, so thanks for the tips and advice! Take care! 🙂

  7. Great advice! I always sort of leave my blog hanging dry when I go on trips, not knowing what to do with it.

    Thanks for sharing!


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