How to Get Your Day Started Right!

How to Get Your Day Started Right!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Stephanie Christie

Founder & Owner of: Making Time for Me

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Healthy Living Writer

1.)   Go to the gym, exercise and get it over with.  If you are anything like me, you may like working out or perhaps you just know that you should.  However, if I put it off until after work, the chance that I will have any desire to do it, is slim to none.  A few times a week, I set my alarm, that gets me up an hour and a half before my husband has to leave for work. This gives me enough time to get up, change, go to the gym and get home before he heads out.  Exercise gets the day started right, getting those endorphin’s moving through you and then….you are all done and it is out of the way for the day.

2.) Take some time for you.  Though every day I wake up when his alarm goes off (if I’m not up already).  I make a pot of coffee, while my laptop turns on.  When I come back to my room, I put something on the TV that is taped from the night before.  I spend about an hour on WordPress, either blogging or reading.  I watch one entire episode of something that I enjoy watching.  It helps me kick start my day.  Even if I can’t find any other time in the day for me, this one hour is all I need.  Two hours if I went to the gym and then did this when I got home, BONUS!!

3.) Breakfast, eat your breakfast.  Whether it is right when you wake up or 2 hours later, eat something.  Don’t have time to cook or throw your breakfast together in the morning? Grab a banana.  Super easy, cheap and filling!  Stop making excuses about this, because there really is no excuse to be made.  You can be pre-made.  You can put together breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches beforehand, or oatmeal.  The easiest and quickest solution, doesn’t have to be the Fast Food drive through!

4.) Listen to something that gets you pumped.  Whether it is sports radio, a tv talk show or Classic Rock.  When I listen to things that I love, I get a smile on my face and it gets my brain working!!  It sets me in a good mood, whether it is lyrics I have heard a million times or a thought provoking conversation that may give me an idea for a blog.

5.)  Have an attitude of gratitude.  Every day I write down 3 things that I am grateful for in my planner.  There is a special spot on my planner for notes and brainstorming.  Everyday, I write the day of the week and the things that I was thankful for from the day before.  For instance on Monday I write down Weekend: Kids, Relaxing and Health.  Then on Monday I write: Gym, Blogging, Coffee!!  Or just whatever, it can be super simple, but remembering each day that there are things to be thankful for is HUGE.

Article Credits: Stephanie Christie

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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