How to Be an Efficient Blogger

How to Be an Efficient Blogger

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Donatella Petitti

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Every blogger no matter new to the blogging world or a blogging veteran. You could always use some tips to maximize your blogging talents in order to have flawless content, organized life/blog and lots of follows and views. It can be difficult to find the “groove” but these tips are sure to make it easier and have you blogging like a superstar in no time!

1. Have A Designated Office Space

It is important to have a space that you can go to without any interruption and that their is rarely any change in activity. This will make writing easier and more enjoyable for you to work. Having a desk area specifically to blogging can make it easier to step away from working and take a break when needed so you don’t suffer from writers block or boredom. Make sure there are no distractions such as a T.V and try separate the area from home, remember this is a work/hobby zone not a home attitude.

2. Use a Planner (maybe even 2)

No matter who you are or what type of blog you have, it is ideal that you have a planner to keep track of not only your life outside the blog but the blog itself. Some bloggers like having 2: one for blog and one for life, others view having one is easier to divide blog and life activities. Either way it is important to plan posts, collaborations, photo shoots, and social media. The planner helps keep not only yourself organized but your blog, which inevitably keeps your readers engaged because they don’t have to wonder when you post or what your up to.

3. Create Office Hours

Think of your blog like a business (whether that was your intention or not). So when you work you have a set arrive and go home time. For example: 9:30am-12:45am {two days a week/ on the weekend}, 5pm-7pm everyday and night around 9pm-11pm. These hours are not written in stone but try to stay within the times yo set out in order to achieve long-term success.

4. Keep Things Organized/Appealing

You are going to be more tempted to work more often if everything in your work space has a place. Finding nice looking office organization, a pretty computer background and colourful sticky notes & file folders will motivate you and get the creative juices flowing. make your space your own and decorate it to fit your needs.

In the End…

Consistency is key, follow these tips everyday and the result will show in not only your attitude towards blogging but through the numbers as well.

Article Credits: Donatella Petitti

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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      1. Good tips! It always helps me if the weather is poor too. BTW, I stumbled over a program that helps people get better at producing online content. ‘Web Colleagues’ shows you how to tap into article/blog writing trend. Good way to make some extra $$.

  1. 2 minute read great way to get my attention. I read earlier that blogs shouldnt be overly long because you might lose readers attention. Great information from this blog. Im a new blogger and this information will help.

  2. Good tips! I don’t use a planner, instead I use the Calendar app on my phone and MacBook, and colour code the different categories (blogging, social, when to post, blogging events, work, etc) which I find is really convenient! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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