Good Places to Blog in the Philippines

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Olivar

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To all the travel, lifestyle and photo bloggers around the world who are here or who plans to travel in the Philippines, here are some of the places in the Philippines where you can write / take pictures for your blog.


  • Found in Visayas region.
  • Summer go to place of locals. But it is at its best before the summer starts as the waters are glassy.
  • You can go on an island hopping.
  • A lot of water sports (parasailing, helmet diving, snorkeling and more).
  • Has an amazing view of the beach with its white sand.


  • Found in Visayas region.
  • Best time to go during sinulog festival (religious festival).
  • A lot of good and historical places to visit (Basilica del Santo Nino, Magellan’s cross and more)
  • Dolphin and whale watching.
  • Has good beach as well.
  • Good food especialy Lechon (pork dish


  • Capital city of the Philippines
  • Visit a lot of church (Manila Cathedral,
  • A lot of educational places (rizal park, museums etc.)
  • One of the world’s catholic and oldest university in Asia can be found in Manila – University of Santo Tomas

Article Credits: Nina Olivar

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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19 thoughts on “Good Places to Blog in the Philippines”

  1. I’m from the Philippines. And I felt proud that our country is being recognized internationally. Hopefully, Davao City (my hometown) will be part of the list someday. ?
    I also just posted a new travel diary entry. Feel free to check it out. Thanks! ?

    1. Oh yes, Davao City – one of the safest city in the world. Soon when I have the chance to go there, I’ll have a part 2 of this with Davao in it. 🙂

      Oh, by the way, I saw your entry and it is beautiful! I followed you as well. I love your blog! <3

  2. Hi Nina. Thank you for sharing. I am from the Philippines. I’ve been to most of these places but wasn’t a blogger back then. Will definitely come back.

  3. I agree, for me Cebu’s one of the best places here in the Philippines to blog about! Not only because of the wonderful beaches, but also because of the food scene there – a lot of unique restos and coffee shops. ? Been to Boracay before, but that was ages ago. Hopefully I can come back to Boracay soon! ?

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