Don’t React. Act.

Don’t React. Act.

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ashley Ford-McAllister

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It’s been a rough ride recently – the Pulse shooting in Orlando, and, the other side of the pond, the shooting of UK Member of Parliament Jo Cox at her constituency offices.

Throw in the ongoing uncertainty about whether the UK will leave the European Union, and you have a lot for people of all stripes, including business people, to get worried about.

The UK’s Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, wrote this poem in the wake of the Orlando shootings.  So far, quite a few people on social media don’t seem to rate it all that much as a poem, never mind a reaction.

And that’s the problem: reactions are never our finest moments, as people, as writers, as businesses, because reactions are written in the heat and chaos and smoke of emotion.

What we need to do is take that emotion with us, hold it to us like a candle flame, until we have a little bit of distance – not too much, but a bit – from whatever the scenario is, and then act.

Reactions will be forgotten, or dismissed outright, because the nature of emotion is that it is transient, passing, temporary.

Actions, however, when they combine a little distance and a little of the initial raw emotion, with a dash of reflection, will be remembered – often long after the event itself has faded.

Reactions come from fear, anxiety, anger – things that don’t help businesses, or people, in the long run.

Actions take the spur, the impulse to improve, of those emotions, but combine it with logical analysis, finding the “best” way forward rather than just “a” way forward.

Society wants reactions, because, by their very nature, they satisfy the all-too-human desire for instant gratification and black-and-white polarity.

But we shouldn’t be in the business of giving society what it wants. Sure, people can make a living that way – but you make your fortune by giving society what it needs.

Article Credits: Ashley Ford-McAllister

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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21 thoughts on “Don’t React. Act.”

  1. This is a great argument.
    It is difficult to trust a reaction, because it is like an idea that is not fully cooked.
    If I look back at times when I felt bad about the way I acted in a situation, it is often because I have actually REacted to it.
    It’s not to say the emotions aren’t valid, but acting once they have calmed to a tepid temperature is far more effective than when they are boiling.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Well said. We teach our children to take a time-out, yet as adults the discipline is lost. Life is rushed almost frantic at times, and we now live in a world where everything is practically instantaneous. We need an answer and seconds later the internet provides it, we need to contact someone and with a few thumb taps on our phones it is done, something happens and a photo is taken and posted within minutes of it’s occurrence. I catch myself on a daily basis making a rush judgement, then immediately giving my opinion. I teach this “patience” to my kids, but definitely need to heed my own advice. Thank you for this post.

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