Creating an About Page People Will Read

Creating an About Page People Will Read

1. Don’t make it all about you.

One of the best ways to immediately get new visitors attention is by opening up with something you have to say about them. It could be a compliment such as a thank you to show that you acknowledge them, or it could be an interest that you have.

Whatever it is, the point here is this: Use the first sentence to your “About” page to show what you have to offer to others! That’s the real key here! Charm them first, and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Be consistent and make sure it matches with your site’s personality.

No matter what personality you’ve cultivated for your blog, your “About” page needs to be consistent with what you have to say. “About” pages don’t always have to be formal! If you’ve been going for a fun, conversational style on your blog, be sure this reflects the description as well!

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3. Include pictures and videos.

People click on “About” pages because they want to know more about you. If you’re one of the bloggers who take your “About” page seriously, than use a portrait taken by a professional. (Lol, mine.) Just remember to respect your viewer’s attention span!

4. Craft content based on your blog goals.

As with any other page on your site, your “About” page should have a goal — and it should have content that encourages this particular action. Want people to come back and read your site again and again?

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If so, it’s important that you make your page enjoyable enough to read that visitors are compelled to check out other content on your site. You can also use your “About” page to encourage other desired actions by including clear calls-to-action throughout your page and at the end of your content.

5. Think like a storyteller!

Good storytellers have the amazing ability to captivate an audience from beginning to end, so you want your “About” page to do just that!

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Ask yourself, “What reason do my visitors have to read through this entire page?” If there’s nothing compelling to keep them engaged from start to finish, than revisit your content from the perspective of a storyteller!

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39 thoughts on “Creating an About Page People Will Read”

  1. About Page is definitely a tricky one – I checked out your “about Page” in the midst of creating mine. It took me a good 3-5 days to get it to how I wanted it to be .. and still not 100% happy. Everything is a work in progress.. at least it’s not written in stone, and we can eventually edit it as the skills come to us. (key word being eventually! hahaa)

  2. Haha the idea of starting a blog has been running in my head for quite a while now.

    Just when I make the big jump (Just wrote my very first post presenting the project and my About page yesterday), here I fell on your blog in the related reading.

    Thanks a lot for all the advices ! Plus, it seems you have quite a few other posts that could help me improve. I’ll keep digging into it.

  3. Aometimes I have enjoyed the post but it is too long. Cramped long winded articles no matter how wonderfully written will be dropped. If I buy a book, I know it needs time, therfore I make time. Popping on line for a quick glimpse at a blog or a Blogger I follow, needs to read pacey as I alloted that time for a micro story, a flsh fiction or just a catch up. Chewing gum for the ears, a bite, a snack just takes the edge off… until we have time. ?

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