Can Love Last Forever when It’s a Young Couple?

Can Love Last Forever when It’s a Young Couple?

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

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I don’t know many couples who are young and married like myself, but the few I do know are old souls. My question is, Can love last forever when it’s young people getting their chance at it? I believe it’s possible, but I think love can be categorized as many different things.

I once had seen this old quote, it says something about finding the right person to suffer for, because love is going to hurt you anyway. I found that interesting, but with older people I felt that it  might’ve applied to them more.

I could be wrong, but being young and in love can be a beautiful thing. When you both can communicate about everything, and set boundaries that’s where the magic happens. For young couples in their early twenties, I feel like we struggle with a few things. Here’s what I found to be true about what puts a hinderance on young love:

  1. We’re not as creative as we should be in the relationship. I understand that we’ve become this modern generation where everything is already done for us, but that can be a bad thing. What ever happened to going out to the garden and picking fresh flowers for the lady? Maybe even a picnic, where the food isn’t store-bought but made tenderly with love? It makes a huge difference, when the date is original and thought up by someone we love.
  2. We do too much texting and calling. It’s nice to hear from our significant other at least once a day, but please don’t keep smothering each other. How do you expect to grow and accomplish if you’re constantly smothering each other? I’m not saying don’t talk, I’m saying it would be nice to leave little love notes and just let it simmer with your honey. I can’t lie -I get tired of phone calls and text messages, but if he leaves me a note then it’s something that I truly appreciate and thrive on.
  3. We wait too late to express our concerns. Communication is key! Don’t think that being petty is key; because we live in a generation where being petty is a trend (sadly). When you can find sincerity and room to be mature with each other, it makes for a healthy relationship. Stop looking at everything as “an eye for an eye”, because it will destroy the love that you do have in your relationship.

Older couples have seasoned love, and for young people it’s a fresh take on things. I believe that it takes time to achieve that kind of goal, but it’s possible. A seasoned love is a great quality kind of love; it’s a series of tests given to the couple that aren’t easy. It’s hurdles that tests your love for each other, in seeing how much you can withstand together and still make great things happen!

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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43 thoughts on “Can Love Last Forever when It’s a Young Couple?”

  1. I am in my early twenties too, and I appreciate this write up very much. Our generation would rather have an instagram perfect relation than to have a relationship that is fully grounded in love

  2. I agree with all of these. Personally I think waiting until your 30s to marry is wise. But if not, you either grow up together or grow up apart. You have to be on the lookout for that too! ?

  3. Great post. My husband and I have only been married 4 years and have had quite the roller coster ride. I look at my grandparents who have been married 48 years and hope we will last like they have and still hold our love for each other like they do. Love is a journey worth taking and risking.

  4. I think young love can last. It all comes down to respect and communication. I once asked my grandmother the secret to a long marriage.. She and my grandfather were married almost 60 years..She said never go to bed angry. 🙂 In the 10 almost 11 years I’ve been with my husband.(we’ve been married for 4 years) the most important factor in our relationship is communication. It’s so important.

  5. Amazing post! We all need to stop comparing ourselves to the portrayed ‘ideal’ and be grateful with what we have naturally. People will love us for that, what we are and not what we ‘should be’!

  6. Yes! It is absolutely possible to marry young and stay in love! There is good and bad to getting married at any age. But everyone who is happily married knows that you have to constantly work on your own communication and showing love for the other. My husband and I married at age 18, and 13 years later, we still are growing up together. I wish you all the best! Also, don’t put too much stock in feelings, they are terribly unreliable.

  7. From my experience, in the starting stage, our love was fresh so everything was new and exciting. But, after that, everything was going wrong, completely wrong. One day, I realized that what is my purpose for her. I got my answer. That was the last moment, when my relationship was upset. I realized my responsibilities, ideals and motives for her, I tried my best to keep her happy always and trust me, we took our sail to next ocean.
    We just need to realize the beauty of love and just, live it.

  8. It’s been 8 months since my marriage and it feels great. I don’t really believe in the age thing though. All I feel is if there is understanding, appreciation and compassion in the relationship, then it is bound to last. As we all know love begets love.

  9. Nice post!

    Haha when it comes to relationships, me and my partner is one of those couples who keep on checking each other from time to time – whatever he is doing, wherever he will go and with whom, I should know it and vice versa. Our day will be incomplete if we cannot talk that long even just for a day.

    Just sharing my thoughts 🙂

  10. Yes yes YES. Thank you for this post. My last post, “To my fellow young-marrieds” captures many of the same sentiments. I hope you can take a look and let me know what you think!

  11. I think this is very accurate. I think the piece about not smothering is very important, and I think for most people that comes with confidence which comes with age, but when both parties are there young I think they have as good a shot as a couple of any other age group!

  12. This is a beautiful post that explores the contrast between young people and love, and the older generation in their relationships. I feel that the older generation have so much to teach us in regards to relationships. Everything they did was so simple, but it had so much more effort put into it. Just like the notes you mentioned. So simple, yet will most likely stay in your mind the whole day. Great post!

  13. You seem mature and congrats for finding love in your twenties because I am struggling…but I had to learn to love myself first and I’m still a work in progress. Though, people are very quick to get into life long commitments but don’t even know who they are yet, nor have they learned to fall in love with them selves, men and women. I hope you and your partner have. Then, anything is possible because you know who you are and what you want.

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