Attention New Bloggers: Let’s Find Your Forte!

Attention New Bloggers: Let’s Find Your Forte!

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Anthony Cosimini

Founder & Owner of: Mistersherbetlemon

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

The wonderful thing about blogging is how diverse it can be. There are blogs for just about any topic you can possibly imagine. People all over the world are writing right now about their culture, religion, politics, favorite music and movies, their thoughts and ideas about life or just the happenings in their daily lives. All of that, among countless other subjects, are being discussed openly for the whole world to read about through blogging.

When I first began my own blog, I wanted to write about everything! This was a chance to refine my writing style in a field I had never attempted before and I was eager to test out as many aspects of it as I could; Whether it was reviewing computer games, discussing news stories or sharing my own work as an aspiring author, I was ready to share it all.

But that’s rarely what the pros do, is it? With so many topics available for a single blogger to cover, it’s unusual to find one that covers them all. The majority have a singular focus, something they prioritize to make their blog the go-to place for a specific audience so that their followers know exactly what they’ll be reading about with each new post.

With that in mind, it can seem a little foolish to try and write about whatever takes your fancy if you’re ready to get serious about blogging. Not many people want to read your opinion on the latest superhero film if they noticed you for your fashion tips! That kind of inconsistency can chase a loyal audience away in a flash because more often than not, consistency is what makes a blogger popular…but you’re not a popular blogger yet, are you?

You’re all just getting started as bloggers and to me, that’s fantastic! You’re the next generation of online  journalists, the new age of entrepreneurs, the prodigal sons and daughters of storytelling …the new kids on the blog-ck? 

What I mean to say is that right now, you have all the potential in the world and your choices are limitless. There’s no pressure, no expectations! You and your blog make up a single lump of clay that hasn’t been molded yet and that gives you the freedom to test out some shapes!

We’re all eager to dive in and build our way up in the big world of blogging but do we really want to do that half-heartedly? Are you certain that you already know what direction you want to go, what you want your writing to represent? Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to find out for sure?

This is the time for you to test out the waters, to see where your strengths lie and more importantly, to work out what gets you truly passionate about writing because in the end, that’s what this is all about: Your passion!

You can practice all that in private, sure, but where better to find your strengths in writing to an audience than in front of an audience? After all, the audience are the customers of the blogging world and you know what they say, the customer is always (well, usually) right!

So to all you new, aspiring bloggers I say this: Take your blogs to town and back! Write your novels, show off your makeup skills, list me off your top ten canaries in bathing suits, whatever you damn well please! Blogging has no restrictions so why should you?

Only through the experience of that diverse writing and the feedback of those who experience it with you can you discover your true calling as a blogger. When the time comes that you begin to write more of what truly motivates you, you’ll begin to focus more on that topic until finally, the rest will fall to the wayside and you become the blogger you should be.

You have the freedom right now to become anything! Make use of that freedom while you have it because someday, you’re going to have a large following and they’re going to be expecting something specific!

It’s up to you to make sure that you’ll be more than happy to oblige them.

Article Credits: Anthony Cosimini

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Writing, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More)

60 thoughts on “Attention New Bloggers: Let’s Find Your Forte!”

  1. Probably the most realistic method of finding yout “niche” that I have ever read. Thanks for sharing this advice.

  2. Wow! Thanks. It’s very realistic and true to my experience so far. I want to write about everything…but with advise that I’m seeing from experienced bloggers I will want to focus on my passions. Thanks again.

  3. I have created so many blogs to explore several different passions for topics but I finally think I am narrowing my focus down so I can create more intentional post. That being said, that is truly a great thing about blogging…you can write about anything and everything!

  4. Very encouraging. I had no idea, when I decided to start my short story blog, what I was getting myself into. It’s only been a few weeks and I’ve wondered a few times if it isn’t just a waste of time. I mean, who wants to read MY stuff? But I’ve decided to stick with it and I’ve found myself getting really excited about my niche. Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. This is really great! And, I’m loving this blog site, for sure! Thank you!
    I actually JUST started my own blog and have made one post – my story. I found myself putting things out there that many people I personally know don’t know about me and I ended up with crazy emotions from it! It was such a release! I now what to write about whatever I feel like expressing that particular day, so it’s nice to see this advice. 🙂

  6. I like reading your articles. They are informative, helpful and inspirational especially for a New Bloggers like me. Now I need a lot time to catch up with what you have written 😀 Thank you!

  7. Finally something that is true and useful advice – discover what fits you the best through the process, try and fail, do whatever you want. I hate the common misconception that you need to know what it is you’re doing since the beginning. No! Enjoy the freedom of exploring whatever you like.

  8. I think this a really good help for us bloggers (like me) who are just starting their platform, I would really appreciate if you will take your time, visit my blog and tell me your thoughts about it, thank you!

  9. This is soo inspiring and encouraging…lifted my spirits high! Honestly, best advice in the best possible form…soo good
    ..thanks alot ?
    I am a beginner in the blogging world but not at all afraid as people like you are always there for needy ones like me and many more out there…thankss a ton??

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