Writing and Music

Writing and Music

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Franci Hoffman

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There are times when my writing seems so lack luster. I am perched at my usual writing space with coffee and ecig pondering a post that my audience will enjoy.

You may not know this about me but, I am not one to sit around and gather dust. I have an abundance of energy, which does not always work in my favor. I can be impatient, when it comes to writing because I want to see an interesting flow of words on my laptop screen immediately!  Well, I get this blank stare from my screen as if to say “what do you want from me, you silly human?  “what you reap is what you sow, so get busy and put me to good use.”

What do I do? Where am I going to find inspiration? I have the motivation because I want to write but, I can’t get a grip on what I want to write about. It’s time to grab another cup of java and start gathering ideas. I need some spark!

All of a sudden a light goes off in my head and Ta Dah! What about music? Music has the ability to move me so what better way to set my mood than with a song. Maybe a tune from the past that reminds me of a memory that I haven’t recalled in years. Or perhaps, a song from a movie that takes me into a different time, and even a different place. How about a song that puts me in a dreamy state of mind for the future?

Can it be the lyrics that set my mood or the melody, or the beat? In my opinion, it can be one of the three, or any combination of three, or all three. And the source of the music may come from anywhere. The radio, TV, movie theater, Broadway play, live concert – there are numerous places to find music.

If I find myself needing inspiration, I sit back and take a few minutes; select a song that I believe will set my mood. Then I let the music ignite my imagination giving me that spark needed to describe a scene or portray a character and/or expand my story.

So my suggestion is you may want to try using music for inspiration, as well. What can you lose? And you may just end up with a masterpiece. Viola!

What are your ideas relating to music as an inspiration for writing?  Do you listen to music to set the mood for your future masterpiece? Do you find music to be helpful or hindering when writing? Please chime in and let me know because your opinions may be helpful to me and our fellow writers.


Article Credits: Franci Eugenia Hoffman

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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38 thoughts on “Writing and Music”

  1. I love this! I also like to close my eyes and listen to a piece of classical music, imagining who the characters might be and what they might be doing if this were the soundtrack to a movie. It’s fun, creative, and can be a good source of writing inspiration!

  2. I use music for all sorts of reasons while I’m writing. One: to block out the noises of others (as I’m usually in the library). Two: definitely to draw inspiration. Three: to just completely lose myself in what I’m writing, like nothing else exists outside of it. I love listening to slow, quiet music like the songs Bear’s Den make. They’re my writing playlist go to. Brilliant post!!

  3. I listen to music when I write, the type depends on what I’m actually writing.

    If I’m writing a chapter that I want to be emotionaly dark, then I listen to music that brings those sorts of thoughts to mind, for example Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber or some soundtracks from certain movies. If it’s a chapter I want to be lighter, then I’ll look for more upbeat music that makes me feel happier. If I’m editing then it’s mixed music playlist, this tends to feature more contemporary music, though I do like to add the odd classic to mix it up. All in all I have a fairly eclectic mix of playlist set up on YouTube and the like.

    Anyway, this was a good article, really interesting.

  4. I love listening to music when I write. Certain types will get me in the mood for different kinds of papers. When I cover politics, it’s usually Pink Floyd I listen to, especially Animals. I listen to Kanye West when I write about emotional stuff. And the list goes on and on.

    I’m starting a blog on the very subject of music, Amazing Albums. It’s where I talk about some of my favorite albums and give the stories and interesting facts behind them.

    So all in all, music is something that makes writing a blast for me, and I think it makes my writing better.

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  6. Totally loved your post!!!!
    I find it easy to study and focus when I am listening to music and I find music is a big part of my life and so inspires everything I do.
    Would love it if you could checkout my blog post just to see how much I love music?

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