What’s Your Take?

What’s Your Take?

Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…?

Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. For example, let’s say happiness for you is paying money to not watch someone suffer through hard times. Now you can make a lot of money and hate all the work that’s involved in your job, but you can sure in hell love why you do it! So in this case, we believe it can in a sense of way.”

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69 thoughts on “What’s Your Take?”

  1. Money doesn’t bring happiness, because it starts with being satisfied with your own self. I do think that money gives you enough freedom to go where you want, and to do what you want at any given time. It’s the “thing” that separates ability from inability.

  2. This question is such a dead end. Does it matter if money brings happiness? When a variety of other things in life can also bring happiness? Why boil it down to just one factor. Firstly, take a look at all your billionaires in this society, despite how “wealthy” they are, people are different, and what makes them happy will be different. Simply: money can buy you items that’ll make you happy, and certainly is associated with success, but when that becomes too easy, the extent of happiness you used to get, will be lower. Btw don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an attack, love your blog!

  3. Not happiness per say, but relief. If you’re struggling from paycheck to paycheck, and money provides the stability needed to not be in a constant state of stress over how to pay the next bill, then yes. If you’re already stable and searching for a happiness which eludes you, then no. Not gonna happen.

  4. Money just gives you some kind of security like no more stress for your pending bills, may be it does buy you a little joy too but not the ultimate happiness.

  5. Yes and no for me here. As long as you used it for the right reason such as happiness for family and loved one and make them happy. Yes! But If you only used money to buy things which aren’t necessary then you will no happy at all.

  6. Money gives me freedom and choice. It allows me to choose where I want to go and what I want to do. When I am working in a job I don’t like I focus on saving the money I am earning so I can choose later to do something fun with it.

  7. Can money buy you happiness?
    Yes and no. It depends on how you use your money.
    I myself am not a real material person. Many things do not mean that much to me as far as material things go.
    IF I had a lot of money, I would try to spend it on making things better for poor people. YES, they can be helped to an extent. Water, food, and housing. Basic needs. There can be more done for them than what they are doing. This…is what makes me very sad.
    I watch some of these shows on tv like for an example, Epic Homes. Some of these people only have two or four people living in a massive house, that they probably got ripped off from on many of the interior work jobs. ( Yes they do, because i know i could have done many of those jobs for a whole lot less )
    They are happy with it, tickled pink.
    Yet, do they actually help any form of charity, something for poor people around the world? Even our own country? Can a person sleep well thinking about this? Many can and do.

    You can be the richest person in the world and also be the saddest.
    You can be alone, no family, no real true friends and didn’t help anyone.
    It is how you choose to spend your money, does it really make a person happy?
    I have read where lotto winners are worse off than they were before. And dead broke in a very short time.
    I believe most of the world’s problems come from greed.

  8. Money can’t buy happiness, but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes then on a bicycle. You can be happy and poor, you can be sad and rich. Happiness is a choice, but its difficult to see because its a complex choice. Nice piece however 🙂

  9. I’d like to put itbthis way- Money itself cannot give you happiness. It is the things that money can buy or “do” for you that can give happiness. For example, travelling with the people you love gives you happiness. But it is extremely expensive…the money allows you to have that experience…it is the experience that gives you the happiness. The money made it possible for you to have that. =)

  10. I think true and absolute happiness comes from within. Money can make life easier though.

  11. I don’t believe you can buy happiness at all. I believe that happiness is a mind set, from homeless to millionaire. If you don’t have the mindset, you won’t be happy regardless!

  12. I hate money, I don’t like using it, I don’t like earning it, I don’t want it…but I need it that’s the problem. Just to survive I have to work a lot, feed the family, clothes, food. So I wouldn’t say happiness but necessity.

  13. I think money can buy you happiness, obviously friends and family make you happy, but you’re not going to be happy freezing on the streets at night even if you are with the people you love!

  14. Of course being Happy is a choice. That`s why I wrote about a similar topic. It`s Too blessed to be stressed || Why you should be happy today and everyday.

  15. Literally, money cannot BUY happiness. Happiness is an emotion, and emotions come from from within. Dealing in all things money can be stressful, whether you have little or plenty. Stress can be a joy-stealer if you don’t know how to manage it. On the other hand, money can be used to create happy moments, whether it’s a fun-filled vacation or those gifts unwrapped by eagerly expectant children on Christmas morning.
    Happy Journey, Friends!

  16. If money brought happiness, then the richest people should always be the happiest people. But that’s not the reality we see around us. Ultimately, happiness is a (personal) choice.

  17. 3 years ago I had a LOT of money stolen from me and to keep our business operating I had to borrow money from family and pay creditors with credit cards. This financial situation has caused me depression and anxiety and made me truly unhappy so in my case money that could fix my current circumstance would make me very happy. I also sponsor children in Africa and I know that this money goes towards keeping them fed, clothed, housed and heathy and without these basic needs being met surely it would be very difficult to be happy? Yes money can buy happiness!

  18. I think money buys happiness because it can make things happen. You can support people, help others etc. Being financially stable is a good thing. That is not say that friends and family don’t matter, spending time with them and making memories is equally important. The individual needs to strike a balance between both the things to be truly happy or else they will feel guilty about not doing the other thing.

  19. I have observed that people will little money are more happy and less anxious than people with more money. Money does not make you happy, it helps to make life easier. It can bring you happiness if you are able to keep it in its place and maintain a positive perspective of having a lot. If your money allows you to help family, charities, people in need or children, then in that sense it should make you happy. Having more and keeping it to yourself will not add to your happiness.

  20. I’ve lived with a little and I’ve lived with a lot. I’ve had some fun times in my life. When I look back and recount some of my fondest memories, money is NEVER part of the reason why I am happy. Most of the time, my happiness is found in relationships, either with God or other people. That’s it.

  21. I agree with your picture at the top–happiness is a choice–I know poor people who are very happy and content, and wealthy people who are miserable. And vice-versa.

  22. I don’t work full time at a job that sometimes leaves me miserable for no reason so yes money definitely does result in happiness for me! How else would I ever do the things I want to do if not for money?

  23. Money can make you happy, or it can make you unhappy. It depends on the life you lead.
    For example, if you were poor and had to roam the streets to find the day’s food, then I’d think that you’d want the smallest bit of money just to get you up and financially okay. The money, in this case, would make you happier because you wouldn’t have to be living the sad life you do. But if you were financially okay, then I’d think then you’d want something other than money to make you happy, like positive people or a family game nights to make you laugh and be with the people you love.
    Depending where you are in life, I think that money with either motivate you and make you happy, or it will just not be as important to you as other things could be.

  24. Well said.. money’s worth is different for one another. Actual worth is when they need it for daily bread. Few get smile on face by receiving pocket money; and few get as daily wage!! The valuable smile for happiness and peace comes out in 2nd case..

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  26. My answer was instantly YES. I was surprised the take was actually “Most people will instantly think no”. I think it’s the opposite actually, although we can all agree in the literal sense happiness cannot be bought. But neither can be love, friendship or family but we all think that brings happiness. So, YES 100% money can bring happiness to people, as long as you use it to do things that make you happy. Now, can money ALONE bring happiness? Maybe for a while, but I do believe that deeper connections with other people are a must to live a happy, fulfilled life.

  27. Money makes life easier in the sense that you can go places, travel, spa treatments, etc. to deal with stress, but life is hard and that will not change. You have to find the strength in yourself to discover you true happiness.

  28. Ish. I’d say money brings you peace of mind in the sense that it allows for an absence of worry/anxiety. No anxiety about paying rent this month etc. If the absence of anxiety is happiness – sure. I guess you’d tap into more philosophical thought here as to what equates to euphoria.

    That said, being able to buy anything you want, an unquenchable thirst of materialism would probably have the opposite effect. I’d take an appreciative attitude and poverty over hard cash any day.

  29. I say yes and no. Money brings a sense of relief. It gives you a peace of mind when it comes to emergencies/funds needed for things. They say money is in the top 3 reasons for divorce. We need money to survive and live. Thus it is a huge stress factor. I also say no, because if you solely rely on money to bring you happiness, you won’t find it. It’s WHAT you do with your money that brings happiness.

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