Want to Live a More Beautiful Life…? Here’s What You Need!

Want to Live a More Beautiful Life…? Here’s What You Need!

1. Your family and the inner circle. Invest in them, and they’ll invest in you. Inspire them, and they’ll inspire you. Take care of the details with your inner circle.

2. Productivity. You won’t be happy if you don’t produce. The game of life is not rest. Yes, we must rest, but only long enough to gather strength to get back to productivity.

What’s the reason for the seasons and the seeds, the soil and the sunshine, the rain and the miracle of life? It’s to see what you can do with it—to try your hand to see what you can do.

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3. Your culture. Language, music, ceremonies, traditions, dress. All of that is so vitally important that you must keep it alive. The uniqueness of all of us, when blended together, brings vitality, energy, power, influence, and rightness to the world.

4. Spirituality. It helps to form the foundation of the family that builds the nation. And make sure you study, practice and teach—don’t be careless about the spiritual part of your nature because it’s what makes us who we are, different from dogs, cats, birds and mice.

5. Don’t miss anything. My parents taught me not to miss anything, not the game, the performance, the movie, the dance. Go to everything you possibly can. Buy a ticket to everything you possibly can. Go see everything and experience all you possibly can.

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6. Good friends. Friendship is probably the greatest support system in the world, so don’t deny yourself the time to develop it. Nothing can match it. It’s extraordinary in its benefit. Friends are those wonderful people who know all about you and will always like you no matter what you do.

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97 thoughts on “Want to Live a More Beautiful Life…? Here’s What You Need!”

  1. I totally love what you wrote.I think I have a beautiful life.Just need to be more grateful and less of complaining.Gardening, reading books in both English and my mother tongue are my favourite ways to relax.
    Don’t miss anything (the good stuff) has always been my life’s motto.
    Happiness shared is infinitified. May you enjoy your beautiful life

  2. I must have read various essentials of beautiful life and happiness but this one is different from others. As it talks about culture which we tend to forget! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Talk about putting bringing ideas which we over look back in perspective. Got a whole new view plus hurray for a great life. What a Nice and a knowledgeable post?

  4. I definitely need to work on no.5, been letting my assignments and term papers to take full control of me. Once again, this is wonderful and thanks:)

  5. Clear,concise,and right to the point of it all.Slit of what people write about in from life’s experiences and with factual data thrown in here and there…but it you never really experience life you have nothing to draw from in your writing and beyond that what an unfulfilling life as well.

  6. I really like this post but I just want to give my point of view on 2 things. Firstly, I don’t believe we should stick to our inner circle as this is the main problem of the world: separation from one another. We should strive to expand our circle in order to attain peace I.e. The termination of conflict. 2. When you were talking about spirituality, I don’t think we are different from the dog, the mouse etc. We may be authentic with our own genetic code BUT but every living being is conscious, and together on a spiritual level, we are one. Nice intentions with your post 🙂

  7. I enjoyed the reference to the inner circle. Thanks for sharing! Have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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  9. Fantastic post 🙂 I really like the investing in friends and family point. It seems so simple, but I think that’s why many people forget just how important it is to be around loved ones. Sharing with those closest to us is almost always fulfilling, if not helpful for our psyche. This reminds me of my summer bucket list post, if you’d like to know the secret to a beautiful summer, it’s over on my blog

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