The Key to Writing an Amazing Blog Post

The Key to Writing an Amazing Blog Post

1. Keep a list of blog post ideas.

Whenever an idea for a great blog post strikes you, be sure to write it down immediately. It could be just seconds before it’s gone again. This way, whenever you’re running low on inspiration, you have your blog topic list to fall back on.

2. Don’t just stop at post topics.

I like to use the Notes app that comes on my iPhone to outline my blog posts. I have one note just for post topics and then I’ll start another note when I begin brainstorming what I want to write about. Although I may not get the entire blog content outlined, I’ll at least have enough sections to have a good start. It’s really helpful — not to mention a real stress-reliever — to keep a consistent list of blog posts going rather than writing from scratch each night.

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3. Write your blog content ahead of time.

Write up your blog post then set it aside. Look at it a day or two later — chances are, you’ll find at least one thing that you’ll be able to improve that will make your writing even better.

4. Include links in your blog post.

Link to your own old blog posts and link to posts by other bloggers. Do the former to drive traffic to other posts that you’ve written and do the latter to give credit and to draw others into the conversation.

5. Research your topic.

Of course you should be familiar enough about your topic to write a good bit of it on your own, but it’s important to see what others are saying. There are many ways to do research, depending on the type of blog post that you’re writing, but it’s still important to gather further information for your blog post. You want your blog content to be factual, useful, and informative to your readers.

6. Avoid the wall of text.

A couple of things that Internet writing and reading requires are short paragraphs and concise ideas. People reading your blog posts are typically doing this while also doing something else–drinking their coffee, working at their desk, or on their lunch break–and they want to be able to quickly scan your post and be able to understand your main ideas quickly. You need to make sure that you are getting straight to the point in all of your blog posts.

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7. Write what your readers want to read.

I’m sure you’ve chosen your blog’s niche by now. You should have just a handful of categories that readers can expect to see blog topics fall under. This means that your readers know what to expect from you and this is why they keep coming back.

Don’t suddenly switch blog niches or write something that is completely different from your typical blog content. You should know by now what your readers like — stick with that.

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89 thoughts on “The Key to Writing an Amazing Blog Post”

  1. Hey, those are some good tips.
    Mind you,such tips-lists aren’t generally all that interesting, if you ask me. But,well, it seems like you have a good grip on it. And it will help a lot of new bloggers,no doubt.:)
    Great work.?
    Happy blogging!

  2. Great tips and will definitely follow. You listed all those points what readers seek in the content and how to attract them again and again by group of words ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great tips. I do create lists to blog topics, write new ideas that I get on sticky notes. Sometimes add links to my other posts. But will need to work on some of the other points mentioned here.

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  5. This is great advice- especially the part about keeping a list of ideas. My phone notes, reminders, my laptop notes, Word, diaries: I write ideas down everywhere and it helps a lot. The worst feeling is getting an idea you’re really proud of and want to share yet forgetting it later because you didn’t jot it down. That’s a missed opportunity!

    Thanks for sharing! Definitely agree.

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