New Way to Blast Your Legs/Butt

New Way to Blast Your Legs/Butt

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Doland Ruiz

Founder & Owner of: 10in30 Fitness

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Health & Fitness Writer

You’ve tried squats, walking lunges, and straight leg deadlifts and you are ready for a new way to hit both the upper leg muscles (quads, hamstrings) and glutes. Well, I introduce one of the best ways to build your lower body.

10in30 Lunges/Step Ups Superset

Lunge Step-Ups

Stand with a barbell on your back and have a Step ready in front of you. The step should be high enough so that your upper leg is near parallel to the floor when stepping up.

Step forward with your left leg and go down slowly, almost letting your right knee touch the floor. Then in one motion, stand up by bringing your right leg all the way forward and up onto the step. Now power yourself onto the step and bring your left leg up as well. You’ll now be standing completely on the step. Don’t just stop and rest up there! Immediately come back down slowly with your left leg so that your right leg is working hard to lower yourself. Don’t just drop! Now bring your right leg down and all the way back to its starting point while bending your left leg slightly so that you’re doing a reverse lunge. Lastly, slide your left leg back to the starting point where you stand up straight.

That’s HALF A REP! You now have to do it again, but lead with the right leg. The full rep is done when you do both legs, “One—one. Two—two. Three—three”.

Use a light enough weight so that you can do 3 sets of 10, with 60 seconds rest in between. If you’re starting to die out during your 2nd or 3rd sets, you can adjust the weights accordingly.

Reps: 10
 60 seconds only after both legs hit the 10 reps
around 1.5 seconds per move, non stop.


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Article Credits: Doland Ruiz

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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