How to Carve a New You Out of the Old You

How to Carve a New You Out of the Old You

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Vivek V.

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Why will you believe me, you must be wondering.

Well because, you’ve actually clicked on a post which proves you seriously need yourself.

You’ve lost yourself somewhere else and now you’ve to find yourself!

So, am I going to flush you with another set of advice, I know you will scroll that quickly.

Okay, Just answer the following (Don’t want to answer that’s Okay, I will answer some of them!!), and you’ll get yourself back!!

1. Who are you?

Okay you’re somebody. That’s enough.

2. Why were you born,actually?

(Not just to eat, sleep and enjoy! Wait! Everyone does that! Then what’s wrong if I did it! There’s nothing wrong in it! Move on further!)

3. What paused your life?

(Just go and take a sip of water, spit in his/her name and flush it out of your life. No one can stop, because the resume button is exclusively on your remote!!)

4. What next?

(Yeah! Now I can actually think what am I going to do next! My mind’s hard disk was full, I formatted it!! So, how about some new movies, a dinner, or an amazing rock concert!)

5. Now everything is fine, should I press the resume button?

Definitely, I have to do something big. Big things often start with small steps and as far as I am concerned, I am already done with half of my journey! Why not run and complete the remaining half quickly!

So, that’s where you are!! Go ahead!! You already carved out a “New You” from the “Old you.”

Go and rock the world! Some amazing people are waiting for you!!

Article Credits: Vivek V.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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