8 Quick Tips for Writing a Good Article

8 Quick Tips for Writing a Good Article

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Bisma Alam

Founder & Owner of: The Big Sleep

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Writing Writer

1. Choosing a topic.

Choose a topic that is from your areas of expertise and interests.

2. Planning.

Plan every possible thing. The more you plan the greater are your chances to be a good article writer.

3. Clear and correct language.

Keep your ideas clear and use the correct language form.

4. Research.

That is the crucial step. Does a research on your topic, see how much work has already done on that topic and how much things you would like to add!

5. Use Pictures!

Pictures attract readers, yeah in the same way you are attracted to this article. If you can use pictures with your topic than do use them!

6. Rewrite.

For a writer, it is very difficult to create a good article on a one go! Write and rewrite your article, make changes, make sure that you have written that article in the best way!

7. Give time!

Writing requires your time. The more time you will give to it, the more are the chances that it will be perfect!

8. Use quotes/ references.

It is not a good idea to copy-paste someone’s thought without even giving credits to them. If you are using someone’s ideas than do give them the credit by using their quotes or by writing a separate reference list.

Now you’re to-be-written article is waiting for you, go and write it in the best way you can!

Article Credits: Bisam Alam

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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18 thoughts on “8 Quick Tips for Writing a Good Article”

  1. The trouble I have with writing articles is not the article writing itself, but the pictures. Of movies, actors, political figures. Where do I find them? Is it legal for me to use them?

    1. It depends upon the content. If you are using pictures than you may choose those from any relevant website like google. It is absolutely fine to select picture of movies, actors etc. All you need is to give the photo credit! 🙂

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