6 Habits of Successful People

6 Habits of Successful People

Habit 1: Write Your “To-Do List,” The Night Before

High achievers would write their to-do’s every evening before dinner or bed so they were prepared for the following day.

Prioritizing your “To-Do” list is the key to productivity success.

Action step: Make it a habit of numbering your to-do lists by simply ordering the “Most Important” first, placing a BIG Number 1 or a Star next to the activity, marking the importance of getting the task done first thing in the morning.

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Then, follow with the rest of the numbers based on importance as you work your way down the list.

Habit 2: The Mind, Body & Soul

Successful people practice some form of physical concentration time or health focused activity at some point in their day.

Meditation seems to be a popular habit on the rise between the highly successful.

Action step: Try doing one or all of these actions more often:

05 – 10 Minutes* – Breathing Exercises
15 – 20 Minutes* – Meditation
20 – 30 Minutes* – Eating Healthy
20 – 60 Minutes* – Exercise (The Gym, Skipping, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga)

*Time on average

Habit 3: Goal-Setting and Visualization

Successful people practice writing down their goals, plans, or vision for success on a regular basis.

Action step: Keep in mind when you are setting your goals to:

  • Stretch for more than you can reach.
  • Make everything measurable.
  • Get agreements from your team and supporters.
  • Record your progress.
  • And set time limits.

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Habit 4: Gratitude and Positive Self Talk

Being grateful and focusing on the positive seems to be a common priority in the lives of the highly successful.

Actions step: Practice three gratitudes a day between you and a friend or partner, or just by yourself. Whatever helps you to stick to this positive habit.

But….here’s the key with sharing your gratitudes: You must justify why you are grateful, this strengthens the affect. So when you say your gratitude, do it this way: “I am grateful for having my partner in my life because, he/she always supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams no matter what.” This reminds you why and has a deeper affect in you than just a surface level statement.

Habit 5: Self Development

Successful people focus on learning new skills, reading practical books and listening or watching podcasts, interviews and informational courses.

Action Step: If you can read 20 full pages a day, or even listen to an hour-long audio/podcast, that roughly equals more than 36+ books a year of new knowledge.

Habit 6: Networking

It is said that some high achievers know and live by the saying, “Your network determines your net worth.

So they make it a habit to work on building new bridges, collaborating, helping others, attending social events, getting back to people and being a man (or woman) of their word.

Action Step: Make it a habit to meet at least one new person a day or making one follow up/catch up a day.

If you are new to these habits then I would recommend starting with two to three habits and making them easy, short sessions so you don’t shock yourself out of the commitment.

The key is to commit to at least two to three months of continuous implementation as your body adjusts to the new life you are creating and the habits you are conditioning.

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  1. Great read! I fight with myself constantly to get out of the studio and take a jog. Even though it cuts into my production time, it’s vital to stay healthy and give myself a bit of ‘no tailoring’ time lest I go crazy

  2. I need to develop better habits. I sometimes get lost in my days with all the things going on. I want to learn how to meditate and learn visualization techniques. It is hard for me to slow my mind enough to do either.

  3. I definitely need to develop better habits in order to be successful. I’ll probably start by waking up really early and getting my day to day tasks in order. Great post!

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