5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money into Your Blog

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money into Your Blog

Written by Millionaireโ€™s Digest Team Member: Donatella Petitti

Founder & Owner of: Ciao Donatella

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Blogging and Successful Living Writer

In life, as much as it pains us, sometimes you have to invest some money before you can get lots of money out of things. That same rule goes for blogging. A more customizable website, your own domain and having unlimited space sounds pretty good, but all that money can be a waste unless you and your blog are “ready”. In this post I am strictly talking about website options, a post about photography, software and eBooks will be coming soon!

1. Do You Have An Audience?

Are there people out there reading your blog? Do people contact you? Are your likes and comments high? You must consider all these things. If there is less than 500 followers and you only get roughly 45 page views a day, keep working at it. It will not be worth it if you spend money on upgrades if only a few readers will benefit, although it may gain more recognition because of the investment, that can be a big gamble. Invest money when you have developed a following and “style” in both writing, photographs and purpose.

2. Do Businesses/People Want To Work With

If people and businesses want to work with you, you can’t give them a disorganized or limited blog to work with. Your blog will benefit a lot from the upgrade if you have businesses contact you. This shows that people are engaged and that you are becoming a liable platform. Investing can help you capitalize on these opportunities and make a name for yourself in the business/collaboration world of blogging. Plus you can give these businesses a better opportunity to work with you to further more connections in the future.

3. Do You Have A Large Social Media/Blog Presence?

The world of blogging has taken to Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You need to be on different social media and be noticed. If you are getting a lot of traffic from a popular pin or having a like frenzy on Instagram, you need to have a site that looks, feels and performs the part otherwise your new readers are in for a disappointment. Connections with other bloggers are important, make sure you are forging friendships with other bloggers so that they know about you.

4. Is Your Blog Ready?

Your posts should be error free, well written and full of heart. Make sure your blog looks like it is time to take the next plunge and that your readers are too. Make sure to ask your readers and don’t neglect them when you are focused on the investments.Your blog should be prepared to be out of commission while you change things around, and if it is not ready for that then just hold off for a while.

5.Are You Ready?

With more investments come more effort. Be prepared to put in more time and dedication and make sure you are fully aware of the responsibility you are taking on. The investments can only be successful if you invest time. The investments may cause for some changes such as a name change, appearance or functionality differences, but change can be good and encourage you to work harder. If you are hesitant and have a lot second thoughts, give it time. Makes sure you are ready to be committed to your blog.

Article Credits: Donatella Petitti

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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63 thoughts on “5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Invest Money into Your Blog”

    1. Simply say out loud every sentence you have typed. Then sit on it for a day and go back and proof read. Then post it! The key is the find you writing style (formal, news, informal ect.) and practice with that….Don’t forget never neglect basic grammer rules and fluency

  1. Great tips!
    I wanted to buy my own domain in around a year but this post has helped me realise that there’s still a lot of work to be done. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Xylem & Phloem Team

  2. Thank you for the tips!
    I am still new to blogging but I am grateful learning from good people like you all. Your post made me really see that there are still a lot of work cut out for me.

    Can you suggest tips as to how to increase the reach of the blogs? And how often should we post that can be considered ideal to keep your audience?

  3. Great post and thank you for the tips.. It lets me know that I am heading in the right direction.

    More social media is next on my list of things to do..

    Feel free to drop by and read a few adventures if your in need of a good laugh.

    Thanks again, Bunny ?

  4. Pff…well, what bothers me of WordPress unpaid is the fact we can’t use Google analytics (if we can please tell me how), the stats of wp totally suck…I consider moving to Blogspot for that… :/

  5. I feel like so many sources recommend to invest in a blog, without asking the reader to evaluate their blog and consider their commitment to writing. Great post!

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  7. Thanks for the advice! I have a Facebook page and it has about 9k followers but very few head into my actual website which is what frustrates me a little. Not sure how I can get my Facebook followers to get onto my website?

  8. Sadly I don’t think I have the first three things on point yet. But I agree with everything on this list. Kind of feel like I’m not moving anywhere. It’s difficult to get moving CONSTINTLY and maintain an audience because you can easily loose them. ??nonetheless, great post, thanks for sharing. ??

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