5 Remarkable Tips for Self-Motivation

5 Remarkable Tips for Self-Motivation

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Edah Deborah

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Everybody has dreams, goals or aspirations. Maybe you want to complete a degree, get a promotion, or purchase a new house. We all want to be better than we were yesterday. For this to happen, it is important that we continually find ways to improve ourselves. Sounds quite easy, but it is easier said than done.

The path to self-improvement is not smooth; you will encounter roadblocks, pot holes, barriers, discouragements. When this happens, it easy to begin to doubt yourself, get discouraged and lose motivation. Staying motivated is a struggle on its own. Our desire to succeed is regularly overwhelmed by negative thoughts, anxiety, tension and uncertainty about the future.  There is no known cure for demotivation, it is inevitable and will always occur. The only thing that separates the successful people is their ability to keep moving forward.

The simple solution is by putting extra effort into staying motivated at all times. By adopting the habit of nurturing motivating thoughts, overcoming unfavorable ones, and focusing on the present task, you can pull yourself out of any situation.

If you are feeling like giving up, try a few of these motivational tips below:

  1. KEEP A JAR OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: This is just like the reward jar system for kids. Whenever they do something good, they get a reward either from the candy jar, cookie jar. In the case of the jar of accomplishment, every time or anytime, you achieve something that takes you a step closer to your goals or improving yourself, write it down and put in the jar. Look over them when you feel less motivated.
  2. TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO: In everything you do take pride. It is easier to be self-motivated when you get satisfaction from what you do. Every step you take, anything you achieve applaud yourself. My point is to take pride in everything you do, no matter what it is, you will end up doing better than you expected.
  3. IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will aid the process of you becoming a better person and keep you motivated. Weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, everybody has them. Put effort into turning your weakness to strength. While improving on your strength.
  4. BE AROUND POSITIVE MINDED PEOPLE: You do not need someone telling you why it won’t work, but rather why it will. Try to keep far from negative people, rather find or seek out positive minded people they will help in keeping you motivated.
  5. AVOID COMPARISON: Comparing your achievements to someone’s else’s can really kill your motivation. You are not in competition with anybody apart from yourself. Accept the fact that there will always be people better and ahead of you. Instead of spending time focusing on how you can be ahead of someone, spend time reviewing the things you have done, and how you can make improvements. Focus on you.

Article Credits: Edah Deborah

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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46 thoughts on “5 Remarkable Tips for Self-Motivation”

  1. Most importantly Take Pride in yourself, in your work. Give yourself self appraisals for your minor accomplishments. If you don’t appreciate yourself, why others will.
    Good write-up! 🙂

  2. One tip I might add for self-motivation is the following:
    – Do something for just 5/10 minutes. This is a really small time investment. Make sure you plan to do something small. This is a small hurdle, and 5 minutes is nothing. The worst part of doing something when you’re not motivated is starting. Since you tell yourself you’ll only work on it for 5 minutes, even with a low motivation you can do whatever you try to do. I find out that when I start, usually I go on much longer than just those five minutes.
    Hope this tip helps, and great tips in the post!

  3. Good one but believe me , Meditation can do wonders as far as self motivation is concerned..It will bring the much needed calmness & consciousness ..

  4. Awesome motivational tips. I love #5 so much. The reason most people struggle through life without knowing that they too are making reasonable progress is the constant looking back at who is coming to catch up, or looking sideways to see who’s about to do an overtaking. If only we knew being on the move itself is in fulfilling enough! Thank you.

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