5 Hidden Abilities of Highly Successful People

5 Hidden Abilities of Highly Successful People

Written by Millionaireโ€™s Digest Team Member: Mliae A.

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Ever wonder what attributes highly successful have in common that set them apart from the rest of us? You might be surprised, it’s not as much as one might think!

The ability to schedule

Highly successful people are capable of scheduling a lot of work and ideas into a reasonable amount of time. They do not just stick to the tasks they enjoy, but make the time and effort needed to work on array of projects simultaneously.

The ability to prioritize

Not everything can be done in a day. Highly successful people must prioritize those job tasks which will make the biggest difference to what they hope to achieve. Surprisingly, some of these prioritized items seem like quite small details, that would leave some scratching their heads. There is method in the madness. Prioritizing also extends to personal lives.

The ability to trust those close to them

A single man can only do so much. If your success is limited by your individual capability, then you are only as successful as your body can physically handle. Even if we worked 20 hours daily, we are still extremely limited (in comparison to MNC’s and the like.). A highly successful person has the ability to trust those who help them. To be able to hand over responsibility to another and know that it will be handled, is a warm fuzzy feeling indeed.

The ability to leave work behind and unwind

A highly successful person must be able to walk away and recharge their batteries. Taking work everywhere with you leads to unproductive time and eventually, burnout.  Leaving work at the office (as a general rule) benefits not only the highly successful person, but those around them. If your life is in shambles because you are a work-a-holic, that doesn’t exactly define you as a highly successful person. Rather, a highly stressed person.

The ability to Give

Highly successful people are, for the most part, very generous givers. They give people opportunity, donate to charity, try to make the world a better place. They understand that they would not be where they are if it weren’t for others, and make large efforts to pay – it- back, pay -it – forward, or just share the plenty!

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Article Credits: Mliae A.

Millionaireโ€™s Digest Team, Contributor

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35 thoughts on “5 Hidden Abilities of Highly Successful People”

  1. I truly struggle to leave work behind, but I dont know if its because my passion for the field over takes me. Even knowing how important “Self Care” is outside of work. I never make decent time for it. ( thanks to NY having a snow day – I have gotten time to use my computer).

    1. That makes sense. If you love your job, it is very difficult to leave it at the door. However, for our own peace of mind and for those around us, it is sometimes necessary to compartmentalize. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Finally a blog that’s not cheesy and typical. Daily concepts that we try to master every day but don’t quite understand the essence behind it because we lack leaders and someone to teach us ( some of us).

  5. 5 HIDDEN ABILITIES ” I would call it 5 basic abilities, or 5 imperatives or 5 rudimental activities that every person should be, but yet it is so hard to follow and make yourself responsible to yourself, you always neglect it, always find excuses not to follow your own rule, that these basic traits which a must have for everyone become hidden abilities only for rich and successful people can follow.

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