4 Important Things for Keeping a Lasting Relationship

4 Important Things for Keeping a Lasting Relationship

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Myla Pettiford

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1)  Trust: If you do not trust one another the relationship will crumble real fast. Being honest and staying honest keeps drama and other people out of relationship. When you trust each other you do not need to go through one another’s phone, constantly check each others  social media, or go behind and check that they are where they say they are.

2) Compromise: If one person has it their way all the time the other person in the relationship will feel like that they have a voice, or opinion. The other person in the relationship will get bored or fed up pretty fast. When you compromise with one another on different activities to do together you allow the other person to feel like what they want matters and it also allows the both of you to maybe experience things that you probably never thought about doing.

3) Time Management: Having time for one another is key in any relationship. You want to let each other know that they are important to you. Say that your schedule is work, go to the gym, hangout with friends, go see family. Schedule in sometime to spend with your partner in between going to the gym and hanging out with your friends.

4) Support: This is the back bone of the relationship. You can support each other physically, mentally, and emotionally. Supporting each other in anything gives you both the reassurance that you have someone in your corner with you, and not against you. Knowing that you have can turn to each other in any time of need increases the loyalty, trust, and overall happiness in a relationship.

Article Credits: Myla Pettiford

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35 thoughts on “4 Important Things for Keeping a Lasting Relationship”

        1. Communication is key, but there are different ways that couples can communicate….I am currently looking for one that will work with him, so the little things that can add up don’t and the past few months close to a year bond doesn’t go down the crapper.

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  2. I think my relationship needs to work on support and compromise. I’m always feeling like I’m completely alone whenever I’m struggling at the moment. And for some reason my boyfriend thinks he has to ask me whenever he want to do something haha.

    1. Ah yes support and compromise. Compromising can be one of those hard things to do if you’re not use to doing it, or if you are the one always doing it. Support is about the same, but in my situation I ended up sitting down and talking with my boyfriend. I had to explain in a way that he understood, and things have gotten a bit better in that department. Just a bit but hey progress is progress right lol

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  4. Never try to make your wife or husband over. These attempts are always foolish and tend to destroy the pride and self esteem of the other. Moreover, it arouses a spirit of resentment that proves fatal to the marriage bond. Cease trying to make the other a second edition of
    – Joseph Murphy

  5. This is a great list! Especially time management because our lives are so busy, you must make time for that one person (in fact you need to in order to keep your sanity).

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