3 Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back

3 Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ademola Jumoke

Founder & Owner of: Slayersrus

Millionaire’s Digest Team Member, Beauty, Healthy Living and Successful Living Writer

1. Be a risk taker-  Try new things, surprise your audience and readers by going out of your comfort zone and posting new things. Come up with new and great ways to speak and connect with your audience. When you do this, you keep your audience anticipating what your next post would be such that they check their email every hour for updates on a new post by you …

2. Consider your audience- Always put your audience first and there comes times whereby some viewers ask questions and make special requests. You should put your audience into consideration by giving replies and also posting on these special request and in doing this you create a great relationship with your audience. Thus they would have no option but to keep coming back.

3. Leave them questions or tasks-  This is a great way of keep your audience coming back. Maybe at the beginning or ending of a post you could pose a question to your readers and this would make them leave comments of their own as well as wait to see the comments of others, relate with others. Leaving questions for your audience fills up your comment section and also opens your mind to what different people feel about a particular topic or subject …So its a win win. You learn a thing or two amd also have a wide audience.

And with these tips I guarantee that your audience are bound to increase and also visit your blog on a reg…..

Yours truly…J??

Article: Credits: Ademola Jumoke

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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58 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back”

  1. I tried something different – publishing my satrical comedy set in Fairyland and all my reviews said how they weren’t expecting anythnig like that from me. Not sure that was such a success.

  2. Nice tips! Especially the part about coming up with new ways to interact with your readers. Taking that risk provides opportunities for growth and variety, and you may even find something you really like doing that you want to continue!

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


  3. Great post! Connecting with my audience has been one of my main goals for July. I hadn’t tried asking questions yet, I am really trying to see how engaged people are by the comments they leave, but I think I’ll try to ask questions or do some kind of call to action every so often. Thanks for sharing, this is really great advice!

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