Book Review – The Power of time

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cover108167-mediumThe Power of time by Jean Paul Zogby – Book Review

The most valuable commodity in the 21st century is TIME. “The power of time” by Jean Zogby is written with the intentions of providing an insightful look into how we should not attempt to manage time but to use it, in the best way we can.

The book at first begins to discuss our understanding of what time is and how we experience it. Then it moves onto referencing the psychological perception of the discussing matter and how our brains perceive this valuable commodity in reality?

Some factors influence our time experience, and it is important to live in the moment and in a way take control of the situation by discovering what kind of person you are and how to prevent time from slipping away.

I really enjoyed the part where the author demonstrates mental time travel. I found the topic to be very novel. The approach and analytical debates within the subject were in excellent standing.

Anyone reading this book will have no difficulty following through the steps of creating quality in their life. To make every second count I believe is a hard thing to do especially when you don’t find a second even to stop and make that change. This book, however, assists you in better applying this method and subsequently generating a happier life for the reader.

I recommend this book to people that value their existence and seek quality in their life.

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