Book Review – Songs of the Mist

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Songs of the Mist by Sashi S.- Book Review

This story is very different to the normal fictional kind you read. It touches on your spirit and is more educational. There are many quotations as wisdom spread within the book. It is more like a journey in disentangling your deep inner soul.

Songs of the Mist is not a fast read or a skip through book. Every page makes you want to read again just in case you missed a few drops of its secrets.

The journey is to the Himalayans, and a Monk is their guide. The chapters and the characters intertwined with back and forth backstory within the content of which the book’s theme remains. There are references to life, death, anger, betrayal and so many more emotions.

As humans, we possess an immense amount of complex needs and emotions. We are adaptable to the changes that happen to our environment and are affected by things that influence our life. Sashi manages to use five characters and present them each with individual challenges and issues. This way he can demonstrate solutions and wisdom through every scenario. The characters are relatable, and that makes the read easy and catching. These five, seek the knowledge of spirituality from the Himalayas, under the shadow of a Monk.

Sashi has the potential to make a sequel to this book. The way he describes and stages the landscape is like a panorama. The story is calming and soothing to the nerves.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes to learn as they read. The mind, spirit and your soul can benefit from this book.

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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