Book Review – Recreance by H. G. Chambers

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51kjlL6LVrL._SL250_.jpgRecreance is the first fantasy novel of its series, written about a 17-year-old boy named Oren. His parents are killed by the Ministry Breakers. He flees his home and says goodbye to his best friend, Clementine. Oren’s life is never the same again. Oren befriends a mentor named, Khalil, and learns the truth about the Ministry. He is seeking revenge but above all, his destiny is now in his own hands. As he learns his path, Clementine catches up with them. She has turned into a thief and has taken a project infiltrating the Ministry. All three, end up unraveling mysteries along the way in hopes of depowering the Ministry in order to survive and help the citizens of Arcadia on the way.

I first wanted to congratulate the author on the superb way of describing the world setting of this novel. The foundation of a good book is in its backstory and descriptive picturesque lyrical writing. The author successfully ticked all of the boxes to make a really fantastic story. The plot may not have been as original if you read many fantasy novels, but because it was written so well, it did not matter.

The layout and the paragraphs were smoothly connected to each other. There was a back and forth setting with the story where the author would move from the past to the current and then back to the past, just to add moments and backstory to the plot. I have read this style done in a different format with other books, and it normally is a hit or a miss with the reader. In my case, if anything, it made me even more eager in wanting to now what’s going to happen next.

I recommend this book to people that like reading fantasy novels and appreciate a good storyline.

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