Book Review – A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin

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A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin- Book Review

A Change of heart is a fantastic tale of an orphaned boy named Gabriel who happens to be bullied all the time and lives with his abusive Uncle. Aside from having to deal with this emotional turmoil, he remains to have a pure heart. I exceedingly appreciated this as in the story he attempts to save a man’s life only to realize afterward that he is not human. The man transfers Gabriel into a half human, half Vampire state. There aren’t many of this kind, and so this makes Gabriel very unique. His life is now forever changed.

A change of heart is written with a substantial amount of backstory and is really able to build you up, chapter by chapter throughout the whole experience. Gabriel falls into the mid path of deciding which side is, in fact, good and which is bad. He has love for both humans and vampires, and everything he has been told before is later discovered to be a lie. Therefore, the book is sincerely dramatized in a very well written plot compelling you to read along and not put the book down.

Prophecies say that Gabriel is the one that is supposing to come and remedy the friction between the vampires and the humans. That alone is daunting and creates a heavy burden on this orphaned boy.

The literary standard and how the author decides to keep the chapters short, adding different angles to the story was very well planned out. The setting is well described, and the casting crew has relatable personalities. You find it in your heart to feel for Gabriel and the path that he has to take in discovering the truth, doing the right thing and at the same time, remaining true to who he is.

I believe the author executed the ending very well. I look forward to reading more from this tale and recommend it to people that like to read a story with an edge.

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