The Aqueous Transmission by Mike Eye – Book Review

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The Aqueous Transmission by Mike Eye – Book Review

The Aqueous Transmission is about a dying world where Mother Magdalena is anointed and is pregnant. She has been given the responsibility of reviving humanity. The world set is dark and twisted. There is not much hope or living creatures in sight.There is a wise man named Al Rodman, and he loves humans. He has the greatest of intentions for the earth. He is a Sirian guru, and as he and Magdalena cross paths, they work together in bracing humanity.

They are facing elemental forces that are controlling two demigods. It is a captivating story where high powers are in need of beckoning, and one two many secrets need to be revealed in order for the grand finale to transpire.

I found the story to be written with great detail and care. It is very clear to see that the Author has poured his heart into this story. The plot is well executed, and the literary standard compliments the entire written literature.

The characters and casting crew have all been given compelling roles. Each and every one of the characters is well blended into the scheme of things and partakes serious roles in delivering the final ending to the story.

This is a true science fiction tale with many references to terminology that may not be as fluent for someone that has never read into this genre. This is an intense and epic imaginary story. There is plenty of drama and action mixed with philosophy and scientific language within the tale.

If you are a sci-fi fan and have a vision for speculative fiction, then this is definitely up your alley and rest assured you won’t be putting it down until you have thoroughly read the entire book.

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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