Top 3 Things to Do to Start Your Day Right

Top 3 Things to Do to Start Your Day Right

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Pamela Ang

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How you wake up and how you sleep the night before is a big factor on how your day will begin. These three things are what are proven by science to help boost your mood, energy, and chemicals in your brain to help start your day in the right direction. As well as what I have been doing to help start my day, and relieve the stress from the night before.

Start by stretching.  It’s always good to stretch, it helps with blood circulation and it relieves any tension from the night before. Do a bit of stretching or yoga before you start your breakfast. Stretch your back, legs, or arms. Start on a quick morning yoga to help release your stress and control your breathing. Not only is it meditating for your brain but also prepares your body and help freshen you up for the upcoming day.

Freshen it up. Take a relaxing shower and wash away anything from the night before or just stand under the water to help release any stress. Wash your face with water or your daily beauty routine to help freshen up your face and erase any sleep away. Drink a glass of water to rehydrate yourself.

Know your day, plan it. Plan ahead so you don’t stress over it throughout the day. Defrost the chicken for dinner tonight, prepare your fruits and veggies for the next day. Know where you’re going and what you’re supposed to do throughout the day, if it helps write it down and list it. Not only will this help you visualise what you need to do but also helps visualise the path you need to take to get there.

What other things do you do to help jumpstart your day right? Comment below!

Article Credits: Pamela Ang

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

27 thoughts on “Top 3 Things to Do to Start Your Day Right”

  1. A very thoughtful article and an incredible one at that. Although besides all the physical exercises and activities, I would suggest a few minutes of self-motivation. This could include trying to focus on your goal as a whole, picturing yourself realizing that goal and try to bring a smile on the face. This will actually set up a positive mindset which a must needed commodity before stepping out and starting the day

  2. Short, simple, but very effective. Thank you for this insight. I would add one thing, and that would be to really focus on your breathing while stretching and doing yoga. Great article though!

  3. Love this! I like to wake up and read a few pages of a good book every day, usually self help/motivational books unless I’m really into a recent fiction read. I look forward to that little bit of time to myself each morning before the busy day begins.

  4. Great post.
    I think prayer is quite key.
    In the words of Martin Luther King, “I have so much to do today that I’m going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done.”

  5. A great read indeed . Many of them out there can’t find a healthy way to start there day. This is the root , that many of them feel low all day long and don’t know from where and how they have to start all the stuffs . Taking these things in mind can help them a lot . Thanks for showing such a great healer read for many .

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