Shatterproof by Rianne Moss – Book Review

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Shatterproof by Rianne Moss – Book Review

Shatterproof is a beautiful book written about addiction and drug abuse. Natalie Meyer is young and suffering from, this dependence. This was not how she started, though. A series of heartfelt occurrences in her life begin to shake this young girls heart and mind causing her to fall in such a path.

Natalie has a history of sexual abuse and lacks any love or support from her family. Her father throws her out into the street. This vulnerable girl has nowhere to go but to meet another fellow addict named Scott. She moves in with him and Natalie’s situation turns from bad to worse.

We may have read many books that have references towards these sensitive topics, however; I found this book to be refreshing as the author takes on a different approach. Rianne Moss’s style of writing and literature standard is welcoming to the eye and touching to the heart.

Although the story mostly focuses on Natalie’s situation, there are other characters in the story which take part in this tale acting like bread crumbs guiding you to what eventually participates in the finale.

This book is a great read for people that suffer similar situations in life and sufferings. It has references to major psychological issues such as abuse, drugs, loss, love, neglect, and many more insightful things.

I look forward to reading more from this author and admire her in writing about relatable and genuine to world topics, which many do not wish to address let alone talk about.

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