Book Review – Billy’s search for the Healing Well by Helen C. Burke

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Billy’s search for the Healing Well by Helen C. Burke- Book Review

This is a beautiful book written about a boy named Billy. He has a sick mother and is living with his grandma. Billy just wishes to go back to his mommy and to do as much as possible to save his mother’s life. His only hope is a Healing Well that is located in Ireland, and even that is a myth. Billy runs away to find this Healing Well, taking Granny’s prized cream pot with him.

Billy befriends a leprechaun named Patsy that grants wishes. The journey he takes is a unique one as he enters the Magical Meadow where there are fairies, leprechauns, gnomes, elves and other mystical creatures. Billy has important choices to make and goodbyes to say.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a perfect young adult tale demonstrating the gift of love, giving and sacrifice. The world setting had enough description to satisfy the imagination. The layout and connectivity between the paragraphs and the story were smooth and easy to understand. Although the story is not as long as I wished it to be, the literary standard and skill in demonstrating emotions and bonding with the characters were sufficient for the reader.

I believe the author has great potential in writing more books in the fantasy genre. There was a witty and comedic side to this story, which made it more fun to read, as the subject matter was sensitive. (Billy trying to save his mother’s life.)

Altogether, I recommend this book to all parents and children that wish to read books in the action and adventure genre. The tale demonstrates all the right things our youth need to learn from.

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