Book Review – Storm of Arranon

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Storm of Arranon by R.E. Sheahan – Book Review

Erynn is an intercept pilot. There are things she knows about her past that influences the future. Her father is from Arranon, and her mother is from Korin, enabling her to have powers from both sides within her. When Korin and Arranon are at war, she discovers exactly what these powers are and learns about a prophecy that is connected to the planets. She can save everyone only if she finds the way to unlock it.

Jaer, the handsome hero that assists Erynn in escaping, becomes her love interest however the story mostly focuses on Erynn. This heroine has the ability to connect to animals, and that was a sweet touch to the story. The book is packed with drama, and the author manages to create a beautiful fantasy world that one could vision in their mind as they read it. There is plenty of action, fighting, tension, and suspense.

This science fiction story has a fascinating plot and interesting character building. The ending is not like the normal kind you read and provides anticipation for wanting more, yet not displeased with the outcome.

There are many authors that tend to mix in various genres with their plots but are not that skillful in succeeding. They often confuse the reader or get them lost in their thoughts, however, Storm of Arranon is an exception. You sincerely feel the emotions, the turmoil and understand the story completely. The literary standard of this book was in such capacity, where you would feel and grow with the characters. This factor alone should earn and qualify the book to be 4 stars.

This book is suitable for young adults as well as anyone that likes to read on science fiction & fantasy.

The only thing I would change is the cover. It is absolutely hideous, and I am not sure why the author selected it unless she wanted to make the following point:

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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