Netwalking Space – Book Review

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Netwalking Space by Joyce Reynolds-Ward – Book Review

Aliens have attacked Earth before using a Gizmo war machine that destroyed many cities on Earth. Bess and her family managed to confine this machine and stop the destructions. The machine endorsed Bess and her family to create a Netwalk. This Netwalking Space became a communication system that allows personalities to upload when they die. Bess’s grandmother, great grandmother, and mother have all passed on into this Netwalk.

When Bess and her family realize that the aliens are planning to attack again, they have to work together to defend Earth. However, friction takes over this family. Sarah, Bess’s great grandmother, has a past that is revealed causing Diana, Bess’s grandmother to have a meltdown and join the Gizmo collaborators.

There is an added romance between the lead character and a certain accompanied gentlemen that blossoms within the right amount of time built into the story which I found to be a supplementary bonus.

Many words can easily describe this wonderful book. However, none can do it justice. The plot is original, and it is a family oriented story, which is very touching. All the characters and casting crew have enough written backstory and relatable personalities. It was very easy to feel and bond with each and every one of them.

The pace and settings of the story were fantastic. Every page is interesting and not filled with fluffy content just to get by. Joyce Ward has definitely presented one of her greatest works. The literature standard was so easy to understand yet contained enough science fiction and space terminology to keep the intelligent mind intrigued.

The love and bond for protecting a family member regardless of them passed on or alive was admirable. Our daunting pasts can always get to us, but family always comes first.

I recommend this book to readers that like science fiction and space stories.

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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